youngbuck prisonDown and out ex-G-Unit rapper Young Buck, who has faced a myriad of legal woes since being ousted from the group in 2008, is on the wrong end of the justice system once again.

Buck, real name David Brown, was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday [July 13] on a weapons charge stemming from a 2005 arrest for gun possession. According to MADE TV, the judge presiding over the case in a Nashville, Tennessee, court ordered the rapper to serve two counts concurrently so his time behind bars will amount to 18 months.

Questioned by reporters outside the courthouse, Buck said he was grateful this chapter of the ordeal was resolved.

“My pride is through the roof. My head is held high, and I’m just looking to get all this behind me,” Young Buck said. “With the judge not considering my history to subtract some time, I’m just thankful for what time I do have.”

The year and a half sentence is something the “Shawty Wanna Ride” rapper may have been expecting. In an interview this past May, Buck asked fans to support him while he did a stint behind bars.

“I got to go to the penitentiary in like two months. F–k with me for real, hold me down, ” he said in a video interview.

While this prison sentence will certainly delay a planned comeback attempt by Buck, it won’t do much to postpone the scheduled liquidation of his possessions as part of a bankruptcy case with the IRS.

On July 26 the rapper’s gold and diamond jewelry collection will be auctioned off as creditors attempt to recoup the millions of dollars the once promising rap star owes. Buck told reporters, “I’ve had some rough times. I’ve been fighting the bankruptcy situation, and there were some court situations.”

To say it’s been a rough go for Buck is an understatement, just this year alone Buck has been evicted from his home and involved in a drive-by shooting that left his girlfriend injured…     Giztzzz…    madetv!



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