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Biodun Okeowo hit the limelight after showing her class in the movie ‘Tolani Oshirin’. She has stamped her authority as one of the top performers rocking the Yoruba movie sector at the moment. She has not only featured in many films, but she has also produced seven.


Okeowo’s much talked about movie, Omo b*tty (Pampered Child) was premiered on December 15, 2012, and one of her special guests at the premiere was Fuji musician, Wasiu Alabi, popularly known as Pasuma who thrilled other guests which his Fuji music. Unfortunately, Biodun Okeowo’s taste for class that informed her invitation of Pasuma as a guest artiste was misinterpreted, as she is romantically linked to the Fuji star.

Speaking to Made tv, Okeowo dispelled the rumours and called it unscrupulous. “Where did that emanate from? It is laughable. I laugh because people are at it again. Pasuma is a brother, a friend, and a very nice person to me too. Pasuma knows my man very well so where did this unscrupulous rumour emanate from that I’m dating him. Can’t people see closeness in different sexes and see it as platonic only? Local mentality is what I’m seeing in such rumour. Please rumour peddlers should go and find jobs to do.”

Which of your movies has been most successful and why?

The Communication Arts graduate of Lagos State University says her most succeesful production so far has been ‘Ife Nsiere’ (Love is Crazy), but she believes her best is yet to come. “I think people love ‘Ife N Siere’ because it deals with contemporary issue of lesbianism.”

Okeowo says she got the inspiration to write Ife Nsiere’ because lesbianism has become the order of the day. She believes it is detrimental to our generation.

“My aim really is to preach against this Sodomic act and also to tell people that not all that glitters is gold.

“I want people to know that there’s no profit in lesbianism. I want to also fault this common saying that love is crazy; love’s not crazy, neither is it blind. I want people to also know that marriage is meant to be preserved. House wives shouldn’t just jump to conclusion when, maybe, they see lipstick stains on their husband’s clothes and think that he’s had something to do with another woman.”

Biodun is taken and hopes to get married soon. “Yes, I am in a very serious relationship leading to marriage in the most quiet way.”

She doesn’t buy the idea of single parentage. Biodun believes getting married is honourable.

“There’s no glory for a queen who’s got no king. Our society doesn’t accept an unmarried woman as a responsible woman. God knows his plan for me and what’s the best for me in terms of the type of man to marry. I am a woman and every woman needs a man to be complete,” she says.

Biodun says s*x is good, but she was quick to add that it’s good only in marriage. “S*x is good, and it should only be done between married people because s*x is an oath. It’s not something that should be done with numerous partners or done for the fun of it. It is like marriage, sacred and pure. As for the pressure, may be temptations will come your way but it is left to the woman to control herself and be who she really wants to be without compromising her beliefs.”

The wide belief is that most actresses are flirts and that is largely responsible for the numerous failed marriages in the movie industry. Well, Biodun says, “I can’t speak for others. But Biodun Sofuyi Okeowo is not a flirt. That, I can stand tall to say anywhere.”

The sexiest of part of many ladies would be their eyes or b**bs, but Biodun’s got hips she’s proud of. “Well, being sexy means different things to different people. But I think my shape; especially my hips are the sexiest part of my body.”

Biodun Okeowo is still working hard to be able to rub shoulders with the biggest names in the industry. She says her new production will remain a big hit throughout the first part of the new year.

“Presently, I’ve just shot ‘Omo b*tty (Pampered Child)’ and it has even been premiered and is making tour of cinemas right now and it is expected to remain a big hit throughout the first part of 2013. I will be going on location soon to shoot another movie to be called ‘Ore’ (Friends). ‘Omo b*tty’ is about a spoilt child.”            Interviewzzz…          madetv!



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