A 39-year-old woman recently took the title for having the world’s largest hips.


Measuring a whopping 8-feet around, for Mikel Ruffinelli, buying clothes and traveling outside the house are just small challenges in her everyday life. Even with the extra effort needed for everyday tasks, this full figured lady loves every inch of her body.

“I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,” 39-year old Mikel Ruffinelli insists. “I love Mexican food, English breakfasts and chips. My husband finds my shape sexy and we have an amazing time in bed – there’s no position we can’t do! He tells me I’m beautiful every day. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”

“In the past, I was self-conscious about my hips and tried milkshake diets, but they didn’t work. As I got older, I learned to love my body and now I’m not afraid to show it off.”

Mikel says she lives life to the fullest with her longtime spouse and even worked as a plus sized model in the past.

“When men disrespect her on the street in front of me it doesn’t go down well. I have to show them who’s boss,” says her husband Reggie Brooks.

Mikel Ruffinelli loves her body, loves her life, and has no plans to slim down anytime soon…                   Giztzzz…         madetv!



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