If news making the rounds is anything to go by, then, controversial Calabar, Cross River State-born actress, Shan George may be in troubled waters with former PMAN president, Tee Mac Omatsola Iseli. This is because, according to what we gather, Shan George is being alleged of nursing a sizzling romance with the flutist’s 21-year-old son.

Shan was alleged to have slept with about four band members of Tee Mac, who we learnt were young guys, during the FIFA World Cup held in in 2010. She reportedly gave the excuse of cold weather as the reason of having sex with the boys. The report further claimed that Tee Mac was fully aware of Shan’s under ‘G’ runs with his boys she (Shan) allegedly slept with, but he chose to keep mum.

So, when Shan made efforts to have a taste of Tee Mac’s handsome son’s ‘magic stick’, Tee Mac reportedly blocked the ‘runs’ probably knowing what Shan might be capable of doing with his son.

It was further reported that about two months ago, Shan was supposed to make a trip to the just concluded London Olympics, where she was reportedly supposed to be among some Nigerian celebs to meet with Team Nigeria, but Tee Mac reportedly influenced the light-skinned actress being dropped when he probably foresaw that Shan George would use the opportunity to finalise her mission with his son, who was reported to make the trip.

He (Tee Mac) then reportedly warned George to stay off his son or face his wrath. Shan has reportedly dated some younger lovers in the past who are mostly in their 20′s.

Made tv called Shan George (on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at about 5:15pm) on phone to get her side of this story, but a female voice, which sounded like hers (Shan), told us that the actress was busy and was not available to speak to us. The person, who answered her call, didn’t wait to hear why we called immediately we mentioned ‘from Made tv…

When we asked at what time Shan would be less busy or available to talk to us so that we can know when to call back, we were told that it is not certain Shan would be free anytime soon.

We later called her number back at about 2:47pm on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, but the same voice believed to be Shan’s told us that she (Shan) travelled to Abuja but dropped her phone at home in Lagos.

Recall that not too long ago, Shan allegedly accused married Nollywood actress of sleeping around like dogs. She came under attack by colleagues and fans over that accusation. She has since denied ever making such comments.

It remains to be seen how the light skinned actress will respond to this latest round of allegations as she not new to controversies and neither is she bereft of ideas on how to wriggle herself free from controversies….                Giztzzz…       madetv!



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