About Us

Made Television is a subsidiary of DOTUN PHOLDZ INCORPORATE and we are a dully registered TV show/entertainment network. Our aim is to improve the way the entertainment industry is run by providing exciting,

Innovative, entertaining & educative segments on the show. MADE in made TV represents… MONEY… ATTITUDE… DISCIPLINE… ENTERTAINMENT/EDUCATION due to this reason,our sole aim is to entertain at the same time educate people of all agez…from the young to the old through our various segments…These include;

Giztzzz…: Which dealz with entertainment newz in Nigeria as well as in diaspora…

InterviewNstarz: These are one on one interviews done with personalities that adhere to the word”MADE”! We mean people who represent the goals and objectives of young ambitious achieverz… 

Redcarpet+: We cover eventz that matter,grant interviews and broadcast them to our audience…  Glitter- This dealz exclusively with fashion & lifestyle…Here you get updates of what to wear,how to wear,who’s wearing what n wot not to wear…It equally promotes African indigenous designers & models… 

Underground: We equally help upcoming musicians, comedians, actors, actresses etc…by providing a platform to promote their work!

Raw & Unkut: This is our innovative way of catching celebrities off guard! That is…without the glitz n glam…so fans can know what their favorite celebrities really think about certain issues and how they really live, behave…without pretense or the lightz…camera & action!

Welcome to MadeTV.

Made TV!
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