50cent and french montanaAfter he caught wind of French Montana mentioning his name in a recent Complex interview, 50 Cent wasted no time in laying into the up-and-coming Bronx rapper on social media. In a series of tweets reacting to the interview — in which French, ironically, remarks upon 50’s reputation for starting beefs — the G-Unit general blasts him for being “weak” and speaking out of turn.

“French Montana you ain’t S–t boy. You out your league talking about me you h–. I read your little interview what the f–k is you high,” Fif wrote early this morning. “French your S–t so weak you never had a song by your self fool. Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse.”

It’s not clear exactly what part of French’s comments 50 resents most. In the interview, the “Pop That” rapper is asked a series of questions about beef in hip hop and only mentions Fif in passing after his name is initially brought up by the interviewer. 

“You should avoid beef if you trying to make money. People get scared when you try to beef with people,” he said. “In general, [even in street s–t] nobody want to stand next to you if somebody about to shoot you, unless you have a big [hustle] They [used to] do that with 50 because 50 was the bank. They knew he was going to win. People ain’t doing that [anymore].”

Fif has responded to the remarks in a way that suggests his distaste for French was pre-existing.

“Do you realize this fool @Frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales,” he wrote. 

After proceeding to retweet several disparaging comments about French sent to him by his fans, 50 said he would prefer to take the situation offline.

“I’m not tweeting about this little fool No more. I’m a see him and he gonna explain that’s it,” he said.

French Montana, who made it clear in the Complex interview that he doesn’t believe in beefing, has yet to comment on 50’s statements. Yesterday, he released a new song from his debut called “It Was a Good Year” featuring Curren$y and Mac Miller.        Giztzzz…                    madetv!



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