against stand your round lawsTrayvon Martin’s parents have launched a website that is designed to combat the controversial “Stand Your Ground” laws that came to national prominence following the killing of their son.


“The purpose of Change for Trayvon is to give his family a voice in the political process,“ the website states.


“Your support will help engage the discussion across the country regarding stand-your-ground laws and the need to revise them so that there is required judicial or prosecutorial review before decisions are made.”


The site also enables contributors to make donations electronically. 


It adds that “30,000 mothers and fathers lost their children to gun violence. The Change for Trayvon movement will shine the light on stand-your-ground laws across the nation. These laws allow individuals to shoot first and ask questions later.”


Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s parents, said that they launched the website “because they are thinking of other parents and they never want other parents to experience what they did.”


He added that the parents, civil rights organizations and others have complained about the laws, which have been enacted by a number of states. 


“We just can’t talk the talk,” Crump said, in an interview “We have to work to change these laws.”          Giztzzz…               madetv!



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