10 things

Here are ten seemingly simple things that women crave….

1. Someone who shows an interest in her life, who she is, and how she became that person
Ask questions! Show an interest! Don’t you really want to know who you are with? And if you are really interested in that person, you would want to know all of this information.


2. Acknowledgement of special occasions
True: some girls will say they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, and secretly do. Basically, she is looking for a thoughtful gesture. Because even though she’s not asking for anything, she’s still looking for proof that you care.

3. Appreciation on ordinary days
Did she make you a cake? Dinner? Do your laundry? Make you smile? Watch your favorite TV show with you? Tell her—a simple and sincere “thank you” will suffice.

4. Someone who likes her imperfections and embraces his own
No one is perfect. Accept it. Don’t get too picky, because someone could point out your imperfections just as easily.

5. Someone who is excited to see her and proud to be with her
Introduce her to your friends (when you are ready, of course!) and always let her know that you are happy to see her.

6. Someone who is already on their own path
I get it! Sometimes, especially in this economy, we have to compromise regarding our living situations. But honestly, if you aren’t on a road to independent living, grown-up style, that is a problem.

7. Someone who wants a commitment and marriage
If you have commitment issues or are just looking for simple, unattached companionship, make it known early and often.

8. Someone who compliments her and accepts her compliments
Be confident enough in yourself to welcome compliments, and confident enough to give them.

9. Someone who gives as much to her as she gives to them
It is exhausting doing all of the work. Just sayin’.

10. Someone who likes simple things
Ordinary things are just plain awesome sometimes. Spending 20 minutes to walk with your lady says more than you realize. I think guys sometimes overthink what we really want.

Now, if you have the qualities on this list, have pride in yourself. I am not going to lie. Yes, there are superficial things that MAY or MAY NOT be added bonuses, but let’s get real here, people, you can’t be satisfied EVERY time.

Expect and give these basics and you’ll have a more fulfilling relationship. If you find a girl that’s after much more than this, or find that your list is too complicated and detailed, you’re not going to find that long-lasting relationship you’re after…                              Giztzzz…                       madetv!



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