slim the mobsterL.A. rapper Slim the Mobster lashed out at 50 Cent on Twitter earlier today claiming the G-Unit general used his connections at Interscope to block the promotion of his music. He also accused the rapper of being gay, suggested he sends the federal government after his enemies and used fellow Cali MCs like Game and Spider Loc to make the West Coast “look f***** up.”

The Dr. Dre protégé tweeted that 50 “called Interscope and told them stop promoting my music” during the Twitter tirade. He went on to unleash over 16 tweets aimed at 50, who is yet to reply publicy.

At the beginning of his rant, Slim warned that what he was about to say could get him dropped from his current deal with Interscope. “Today I might get dropped,” tweeted Slim, “cuz I can no longer let these homo a– straight n—– get away with this sucker a– s—.”

Slim also referenced the 2007 shooting of Tony Yayo’s mother’s house, which was reportedly tied to an altercation between Yayo and the son of Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond.

“F— it I’m going in…..How all of sudden your best friend Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] when @TonyYayo mama house got Swiss cheesed behind the ggggunit..@50 cent.

This latest attack comes after a weekend that saw a Twitter controversy brewing between 50 and his long-time right-hand man, Tony Yayo. In response to Fif’s comments that he “disabled” Yayo and Lloyd Banks by doing too much for them throughout their careers, Yayo took what some thought was a subliminal shot at his G-Unit boss.

“Who started Gunit me that’s who,” tweeted Yayo on Saturday (August 11). But the Real Talk of New York went on to clarify that he was not trying to diss his friend and longtime business partner. “Why would I blow shots at 50,” said Yayo, “The media want see Gunit fail so bad we won to [sic] much in front of niggas everybody running with our format,” he continued.

50 has not replied to either social media controversy yet but is currently in the news for his own headline-grabbing statements concerning Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship and Snoop Dogg’s decision to change his name to Snoop Lion…      Giztzzz…                madetv!



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