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According to some very questionable statistics, it takes a woman only 30 seconds from meeting a guy to know if she’s ever going to sleep with him


I say ‘questionable’ because let’s face it, women are known for changing their minds faster than you can say ‘quick’. I do think the statement has some merits though, because women are approached by a lot of guys, and over the years, it begins to take them lesser time to come to the conclusion of whether or not he’s worth their time, plus we got that other thing called ‘female intuition’.

So why do women feel the need to make up their minds in a hurry? Well, perhaps our ever-ticking biological clock is constantly reminding us to pick a mate and make babies already and we honestly don’t have the time to deal with the dude with no prospects, *shrugs*, I don’t know. What I do know is this- we do not want to get in bed with every human with a man-hood that asks, and once the guy does not do something to attract us into thinking about a possibility of a romantic relationship, then, well…..on to the next one.

So how do girls make this decision in such short time? Here are 7 reasons

Confidence: Every woman knows that instant attraction you get when a confident man approaches you and says hi. A confident guy is perhaps the most attractive thing in the word. We wouldn’t want to bed a guy who has no idea what he’s doing. What about those sweet, shy, guys? You ask. Well, those guys need to fake it. Practice in the mirror, plow yourself with alcohol, whatever you need to do, never approach a woman with shaky hands and sweaty palms. Only insecure women go for guys who lack self-confidence and who wants that, right?

His Words: Gawd, we all hate that guy who approaches us but cannot string together a correct sentence. You don’t need to fake an accent to get us, but you definitely need to speak well and at least sound like you went to Primary School. If you are unsure of your vocab prowess, well, by all means, try your native tongue and hope for the best. Also, the things he says matters. We don’t want that jerk who keeps licking his lips between every sentence, or the one whose only pick-up line is “you look familiar” or something just as idiotic. Guys, step up your game, get creative or go home and self service.


Appearance: Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me yet. When I say appearance, it’s not necessarily just about the looks (although, that doesn’t hurt). It’s the way he dresses, his style, his cleanliness (or lack thereof) and his scent- yes, his scent. If you don’t smell good, you don’t get laid. ‘Okay, maybe that’s just me).

Sense of Humor: Every girl simply wants to laugh. No matter what you do, or say, or what your pick-up line is, make sure there’s a joke in there somewhere. If she’s having a bad day and you were able to put a smile on her face, you’ve become her hero. Don’t underestimate the power of a good joke and jovial nature.

Be Romantic: All the jokes in the world would only keep you in the friend-zone if you don’t do something that makes her see you in a romantic light. Give a few compliments, Get to know her, ask her questions about herself, be genuinely interested. And if you’re a natural romantic, come up with something really sweet and charming that would give her b*tterflies and she wouldn’t be able to wait till the next time she gets to hang out with you.

Be Real: Okay, you don’t have to reveal the fact that you were once caught stealing meat from the soup pot, but a guy who only focuses on how amazing he is and all the good things he does will only make the girl see him as fake, and a liar. Don’t be afraid to talk about the things you’re not good at, and even better, if those are things she’s good at. For instance, she says “I sing for a choir” and you reply ” Wow, how cool, I cannot even sing to save my life.” This way you are complimenting her while making her see that you are human and imperfect…         Giztzzz…                                  madetv!



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