meagan good2Hollywood actress Meagan Good is now a married woman.The’ think like a man ‘star got married to preacher and columbia pictures Vice president devon franklin saturday evening at Triunfo Creek Winery in Malibu, California.

Among the 400 guests at the couple’s Spanish and bayou-themed wedding celebration were Tracey Edmonds, Derek Luke, Deion Sanders and Tasha Smith. 

   “DeVon makes me better, makes my life fuller, and completes my quality of life,” Meagan Good tells people magazine. “He’s truly on my team and I am truly on his. God revealed my heart to him like nobody else.         Giztzzz…              madetv!


DKB and zainab Ghana’s DKB has released an apology song for zainab , the seirra leonian representative he slapped on june 4,2012 after accusing her of peeping at him while he was taking his shower

          DKB and zainab were disqualified  on the basis of what Big Brothers described as violence that contravened the rules of the game. DKB’s action received worldwide condemnation from many who saw it as demeaning, unethical and insult to the fight against violence against women.
     He issued a written apology to africa few days after the incident , now he has released a new song titled apology.
   Apology  features female artist Shee_Rap and  it also touches on the need to fight violence against women which has been the central theme of the incident.         Giztzzz…                  madetv!


mtvMTV Base Meets…with MTN returns to television screens across Africa on 1 August 2012 on the back of a highly successful first seasonthat saw African youth make positive life-changing decisions after meeting their heroes on the show.  

First initiated in 2011, MTV Base Meets…with MTN is a motivational youth empowerment and mentorship initiative and multimedia campaign that connects African youth with the thought leaders, opinion formers, decision makers and role models who shape their world.
   Sponsored by Africa’s leading mobile operator, MTN, Season 2 of MTV Base Meets…With MTN features an exciting and varied line-up of interviewees, including leading figures from the realms of entertainment, politics, fashion and sport,hand-picked to inspire African youth to fulfil their full potential.   Among the opinion formers and thought leaders taking part in the series is Senegalese-American R&B and Hip-Hop artist Akon,alongside other world-famous personalities including Hip-Hop pioneer and entrepreneur,Russell Simmons, South Sudanese supermodel  Alek Wek ,His  Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President & Head of State, Nigeria, and Togolese international soccer star and Manchester City striker, Emmanuel Adebayor.

In each episode of MTV Base Meets…with MTN, ambitious youngAfricans from all walks-of-life pose hard questionstohigh-profile “thought leaders” about issues close to their hearts – in an intimate and informal environment, with no questions off-limits.  Topics on the agenda includeentrepreneurship, education, youth culture, politics, sport, racism, gender issues and the African Renaissance.

Youth panellists who asked the questions in Season 1 of MTV Base Meets…with MTN included students, journalists, bloggers, models, comedians, actors, musicians, humanitarian campaigners and poets.  The series inspired young entrepreneurs from around the African continent to change their lives after meeting with their heroes. 

    Starting 18 June 2012, MTV Base and MTN will run a pan-African competition offering young African viewers the chance to appear in the final episode of MTV Base Meets…with MTN.  Eight young people will win an all-expenses paid trip to meet with Akon in the USA in September 2012…            Giztzzz…                madetv!



magadascarMadagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” retained its crown as king of the  box office over the weekend. 

    For the second week running, the cartoon romp starring Ben Stiller that sees the animals rampage through Europe with the help of a run-down circus as they try to return to a New York zoo stayed at the top of the charts  The movie raked in $35.5 million over the weekend.  
   Ridley Scott‘s hotly anticipated sci-fi adventure “Prometheus” remained in second place with $20.2 million, the box office tracker said, adding that the prequel to the “Alien” movies had now pocketed some $88.8 million. The duo’s grip on the charts, saw “Rock of Ages” starring Tom Cruise and many stars enter at third place earning just $15 million on its opening weekend, despite weeks of pre-release publicity.
     “Snow White and the Huntsman,” starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart of “Twilight” fame, dropped down to fourth place with $13.8 million. It has total takings of $122 million so far.
   Meanwhile, Adam Sandler in comedy “That’s My Boy,” which has been panned by the critics, entered the charts in fifth place with $13 million.The reunion of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents battling aliens living on Earth in the sci-fi comedy sequel “Men in Black 3” took $10 million for the sixth spot.         Giztzzz…                         madetv!


richest model
has been named the world’s richest supermodel for the sixth consecutive year, according to Forbes’ annual chart.

 The Brazilian beauty, who is one of seven Victoria Secret Angels to make the list of 10, has reportedly made earnings of $45 million (£28.9 million) in the past 12 months – thanks to lucrative endorsement deals with Espirit, Pantene, Versace, as well as her Ipanema flip-flop line.        Glitter…         madetv!


Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons has ended the beef between chris brown and drake as posted on his website, . Russell says he talked to both parties involved and they have agreed not to continue .


“I have spoken to both Chris Brown and Drake’s camp in the past few days, fearing that the situation from the other night might escalate. I never asked what happened or who started it, that’s not my business. Both camps have told me that they have no interest in taking this any further. So, for those who are looking for the next Biggie/Tupac beef, there is nothing here to see and definitely nothing for anyone to try to get involved in from the outside.   Many young people are watching Drake and Chris very closely right now, and it is in their power to send the right message. I have extraordinary respect for the artistry of both of these young men. Let’s keep encouraging them to keep create good music that uplifts the world”- Russell Simmons

    Chris Brown and Drake had earlier been involved in a fight at W.I.P Nightclub in Newyork on thursday June 14 that left several people injured. Meanwhile ,the NYPD has closed the nightclub saturday night by padlocking the main door and putting closed stickers on the entrances.         Giztzzz…                    madetv!


men body hairMany men no longer feel weird about getting a facial or using multiple hair products, but now there’s a new area of grooming to consider: Body grooming, or “manscaping,” has become a phenomenon among men who want to look and feel their best.

But before you go crazy with the razor, consider what the woman you get naked in front of is going to think about your strategic shaving. With regard to body hair, the line between sexy and scary is very thin indeed. Here is a woman’s guide to male body hair dos and don’ts.

Do — Trim armpit hair

The first do of our male body hair dos and don’ts concerns the fact that most men have hair under their arms and women expect and accept it. This doesn’t mean that you should let your armpit hair turn into an unkempt jungle, though. Keep your underarm hair trimmed to a reasonable length. It will not only look better this way, but you’ll also notice that you’ll sweat less and therefore smell better.

Don’t — Shave armpits bare

As stated above, women expect to see hair beneath a man’s arms. It’s probably not going to be the first thing she notices, but she’ll eventually realize that you have no hair under your arms and she’s bound to question your masculinity because of it. So, unless you’re a male model, keep some hair under there.

Do — Groom chest hair

Plenty of women like to see some hair on a man’s chest, but most prefer to avoid the fuzzy carpet variety. Thinning out your chest hair is a good idea, but leave some hair for her to run her fingers through. On the other hand, there are some women who like a perfectly hairless chest. If you’re going to go with this option, be sure to shave regularly as the bristly stubble length will be uncomfortable for you and unappealing for her.

Don’t — Go Brazilian or bare everywhere

It might be OK once in a while for something different, but a man who constantly removes every hair from his genital area will be seen by women as either sex-obsessed or incredibly vain.

The only men who should ever consider going completely hairless over their entire bodies are competitive bikers or swimmers. If it’s not done for the purposes of increased speed, it’s just kind of weird. If you do plan to get rid of the hair on your torso and genitals, you might as well go all the way and shave your legs too (two hairy stalks under your smooth, shaved body would look ridiculous).

Do — Get rid of shoulder and back hair

Most women agree that hair on your back or shoulders is unsightly at best. There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason why she’ll run her fingers wantonly through your chest hair and recoil disgustedly at your back hair — that’s just the way it is. Do yourself a favor and get rid of all the hair back there.

Do — Keep it trimmed down there

Just as you appreciate a clean field of play when you go down on your girl, so will she be pleased to see a well-groomed area around your genitals. Anything that will make her more willing and enthusiastic to visit your nether regions should be done consistently. So keep it neatly trimmed down there. Keeping your pubic hair under control also helps to make you look bigger and controls unpleasant odors.

Don’t — Shave patterns

Unless it’s for the purposes of a joke and is going to be immediately shaved after the laughter dies down, men should never shave any of their hair into patterns of any kind. This applies especially to pubic hair. You don’t need to point your woman in the right direction with arrows, triangles or lightning bolts shaved into your pubes. She knows where she’s going. A simple undisturbed treasure trail will do if you really want to orient her to the right body part.

what women want

It’s not necessary to base all your grooming choices on what women will think, of course (feel free to shave your balls if it feels good to you), but since women are the ones you want to see you naked, you should at least take their opinions into account when you reach for your razor. Even if you do make a grooming faux pas and your girlfriend can’t look at you without laughing, remember that hair grows back and you’ll get back to normal soon.      Glitter…                madetv!


 banky shaydee niyola skales and wizkid

 Empire Mates Entertainment, Nigeria’s premier music label has announced the launch of its highly anticipated all staralbum titled Empire Mates State of Mind.
  The 22 tracked LP, which boasts of some of Nigeria’s finest artists such as BankyW, WizKid, Skales,Niyola and more, promises to be the album to beat in 2012 and beyond.

   Speaking at a media event in Lagos on Friday June 15, CEO of EME, Banky Wellington, reiterated the music label’s commitment to providing only the hottest and the best music to its teeming fans.
      “We consider it a privilege for us to do this for our fans and we’ve worked with some of the finest artists, DJ’s, producers, directors in Nigeria and beyond on this album. Wiz, Skales, our first lady, Niyola, Basketmouth, Masterkraft, Legendary Beats, Spellz, Sarz, Shizzy,  KidConnect with special guest appearances from award winning comedian Basketmouth, Shaydee, Ghana based rapper, XO Senavoe and US based singing sensation, Rotimi and so many others. Throughout the entire process, it’s been totally ‘team EME’, we’re proud of our efforts and really hope our fans will be also.”
   Meanwhile, Banky W has also been announced as an Olympic torch bearer to herald the forthcoming Olympic games in London alongside some other outstanding Nigerian celebrities:KanuNwankwo, FunkeAkindeleand Steve “Yaw” Onu. He will be the first Nigerian singer to be honoured in this way and will be carrying the torch at the Olympic Torch Relay holding at Coventry on July 1st 2012.
  Banky’s protégé and label mate, Wizkid, has also been having a superlative year. Not only has he scored an exclusive one year endorsement deal with popular drinks giant, Pepsi, he is also a nominee in this year’s BET Awards (Best African Act) which will hold at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles USA.
   The EME all-star album is available, for free, from Monday June 18th, on Spinlet, Nigeria’s premier digital distribution and promotion platform.             Giztzzz…                   madetv!





 Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti ,Afrobeat maestro and the eldest  son of afrobeat Legend Fela Anikulapo kuti will turn 50 on june 16,2012 .Femi was born in London June 16, 1962 to Fela and Remi Kuti and grew up in  Lagos.

      The three-time grammy award nominee will be celebrated at an event to be held in new african shrine ,ikeja ,lagos on saturday june 16,2012 starting from 4pm .
 “When i was 49, i was kind of excited that i will be 50 this year,after approaching the 50,i became very non challant about it “Femi tells madetv.            Giztzzz…                   madetv!
femi kuti

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