cheating wife

There are many things that can lead to a marriage dissolving, but by far the most common is cheating.

Despite the fact that marriage is held in high in this part of the world, many people do not honor their vows. And it’s not just husbands, but also wives.


Catching your wife cheating can be a horrible thing, but it’s better than not knowing she’s cheating. There are many methods of catching a cheating wife, but the tips below represent the most effective ways of accomplishing this.

Tip #1: Look for Suspicious Signs

Practically every person is incapable of keeping a big secret, such as cheating, from those they care about. Chances are, if your wife is cheating, you’ll see many signs of this. You’ll find that she’s not as talkative with you, is more defensive and tends to get angry real easily. You may also see her frantically checking her email and text messages, rushing to grab the phone before you etc. She may lose interest in s*x with you, and may not even want you to touch her at all.

Tip #2: Look at Her Contact List

Some consider it an invasion of privacy, but if your wife has nothing to hide, she won’t mind it. Checking your wife’s contact list on her phone can reveal a lot. If you see an entry with just one letter as the name, that can indicate someone that your wife may not want you to know about. If you see such an entry, or an entry for a guy whom you do not recognize, ask your wife about it. Her reaction can tell you whether she’s cheating or not.

Tip #3: Look at Email/Text Messages

Another good way of catching a cheating wife is to look at her email and text messages. More than likely, you’ll know the password in order to check your wife’s email account, and if not, you can probably find it out pretty easily. Checking text messages is as simple as picking up your wife’s cell phone and looking at the inbox. If you see any emails that are flirtatious, either from your wife or from another person to her, you should be suspicious of her cheating.

Tip #4: Find Out If She’s Really at Work

Some cheating wives may say that they are going to work when, in reality, they are going elsewhere. If you know where your wife works, you can try randomly stopping by her workplace to see if she’s there. Do so under the guise of just coming to see her so that she will not suspect you are checking up on her. If she is a stay at home mom, you can try coming home at a random time during the day to make sure she’s not cheating on you with someone else in your own home.

The main message here is to be observant and to do a little looking around. If you do that, you’ll catch a cheating wife.                                   Giztzzz…                             madetv!



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