Every guy wants to date hot women. The problem is that most men are intimidated by beautiful women and have no clue what it really takes to attract them.


Hot women get hit on all the time and have a ton of options, so in order to succeed with them, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. However, don’t think this is about money, fame or good looks. It’s about being different.

Hot women are attracted to masculinity and confidence, and if you don’t possess these traits, then quite honestly, your chances of attracting the hot women you want are minimal. Average guys are everywhere, and they don’t get noticed. Hot women don’t want needy, insecure and weak men. They feel attraction to men who are in control, strong in their own reality and make decisions without needing approval from others. Beautiful women don’t need to ask guys out because they have men coming at them from every direction, all the time. So if you want any hope of attracting these women, you have to take action and talk to them.

If a woman is hot, chances are she already knows it and she will move on quickly from a guy who doesn’t have the guts to approach, hold eye contact and have a normal conversation with her. So instead of falling all over yourself and being in awe when you’re around a hot woman, completely ignore the fact that she is extremely good looking and treat her like any other person you might meet. This technique not only makes you seem “normal” to her, it also makes you seem mysterious and will spark her interest. She will then subconsciously think that you have a lot of options. You’ll then create the impression that you are hard to get, and hot women find that kind of challenge irresistible.

Most women care more about the way a man carries himself than his looks. Hot women will pursue an “average” looking guy who is articulate, makes them laugh and knows how to have a good time much quicker than a man that may be a little better on the eyes, but is wearing a frown and looks uptight and unfriendly. Showing a woman that you have the etiquette of a gentleman is also a powerful way to stand out from the crowd, and small gestures from opening a door for her to pulling out her chair will set you apart from most of the other guys.

One of the biggest mistakes men make with womn is being completely predictable. Being predictable instantly kills the main two things that all hot women are desperately searching for: excitement and anticipation. Women are naturally attracted to a man’s personality more than anything else he can offer, so in order to attract hot women, be original, spontaneous and keep them guessing. Be creative and offer up fun things to do that they don’t keep hearing from other guys. Be a man with a plan and make your move…              Giztzzz…             madetv!



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