turn a man on

Many times ladies feel guilty of the encroaching boredom that creeps in their relationships, but on this bright Sunday, it will be exciting for you to have some soft tips to help alleviate that crazy boredom. Take your time to go through each and everyone, and apply the ones that you think could work best for you.


This compilation was actually done after some men were asked about things that turned them on. See responses below:

1. ”That ‘early in the morning’ or ‘tired at night’phone voice.”

2. ”Lady in the street, freak in the bedroom.”

3. ”She knows how to walk in her heels.”

4. ”A babe with ambition.”

5. ”A woman who’s 70 percent angel and 30 percent devil.”

6. ”A woman with a strong sense of self esteem and confidence.”

7: ”Paying for your own dinner.”

8. ”Rich girls. I want a sugar mama.”

9. ”If you can spin around while you’re riding it.”

10. ”A woman who doesn’t need makeup and keeps it simple.”

11. ”A chick that will play the PS3 with me.”

12. ”If you smell nice.”

13. ”She walks around in my T-shirt.”

14. ”She bites your bottom lip during kissing.”

15. ”A chick fresh out the shower with a towel on.”

16. ”Good credit.”

17. ”Toes…. well cute toes.”

18. ”A girl who’s independent and always remembers I’m not her daddy.”

19. ”Girls who swim.”

20. ”A girl in a hoodie and sweats just chilling.”

21. Women who wear boy shorts all the time.”

22. ”A girl who plays video games.”

23. ”When a girl bites her lip while looking into your eyes.”

24. ”Shower s*x.”

25. ”When a girl knows my past but judges me off of who I am now.”                  Giztzzz…                  madetv!



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