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Naturally, the human private parts especially the women, usually has a musty odor because of its acidic pH level. But when the odor starts having a foul scent, there should be cause for alarm. Because it can be very embarrassing, especially when people notice and start commenting on it. However, the major causes of bad vaginal odor are STDs and viruses like herpes. Still, there are other factors that can also lead to this disorder;

1. Poor hygiene

This is a serious matter. Shockingly, many women are guilty of this. They do not change clothes especially under pants! As well as showering at least twice a day. Apart from the build up of body odour, the vaginal area can have inflammation if bathing is not done regularly.

2. Sweating

Sweat produces salt and water or apocrine protein and fats. Apocrine sweat, comes from the sweat glands, the hair follicles from the underarms, and pubic hair. However, medical science explains that bacteria are more attracted to proteins and fats which causes the bad smell.

3. Diet

Yup! There are foods that can lead vaginal odor. They include garlic, curry, onions, spices, and coffee. On the other hand, these foods may help a patient’s vaginal area to smell better: pineapple, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry, mango, green tea, and cucumber.

4. Cancer

One of the most common concerns of a cervical cancer patient is also vaginal odor.

5. Sexually-transmitted disease (STD)

Apart from herpes, smelly private partia can also be caused by STDs like syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

6. Vaginal douching

Although it is believed that douching (cleaning out the inside of the v**ina with water or other mixtures of fluids) is not harmful to the pH balance of the sensitive area, the chemicals found in some formula used for washing the bikini area may cause irritation and infection, which can lead to having a foul smell.

7. s*xual intercourse

While the women’s’ private partia has an acidic pH level, men’s seminal fluid is alkaline. The interaction of these two during s*xual intimacy can sometimes lead to bad odor.

The next article will give us tips on how to deal with this problem so, stay tuned…

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