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The legendary singer and performer, born Prince Rogers Nelson, made an emergency visit to the hospital this past Friday after his plane made an unscheduled landing. mAdE t.V reports  that Prince’s team battles with the flu prompted the hospital visit, but the singer was released in short order, and even resumed his normal Twitter activity less than 24 hours later.

Earlier today, the world stopped when it was announced that Prince, one of the most legendary musicians, songwriters, composers and singers to ever walk this earth, had died at the age of 57  and social media erupted in a sea of reflections, shared memories and emotional recounts of Prince’s influence, his confident demeanor and his stunning catalog, which of course includes the axis-altering Purple Rain album and movie.

While the world awaits the official details on just what sent Prince dancing into the clouds so unexpectedly, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office has released an official statement regarding Prince’s death, revealing that the fallen icon was found unresponsive in an elevator at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhasssen. CPR efforts were futile, and Prince was declared deceased just over 20 minutes later.

Prince, one of the great music and pop culture icons of his time, rose to prominence in 1978 with his self-composed debut, For You, and ballooned into a formidable star with the following year’s opus, the self-titled Prince, which sported the Billboard top 20 hit “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” From there, the Minneapolis native would go on to release thirteen platinum and multi-platinum albums over the next 25 years of his immensely successful career, selling over 100 million albums and racking up 7 GRAMMY awards.

Earlier this morning, It was revealed on Twitter that the Carver County sheriff’s office confirmed a death investigation at Prince‘s recording studio. The brief report did not specify who the subject of the investigation was, or the cause of death.

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Rest in peace to one of the greatest musicians, singers, composers, performers and songwriters to ever live.      Giztzzz…                   mAdE t.V!



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