People born under different signs of the zodiac exhibit different personality traits as different career paths are better suited to certain dispositions. Discovering your career path through the zodiac has great advantages. Check them out below…

Aquarius (Born January 20 through February 18) 

It is the age of Aquarius, Womanistas! If that reference went over your head, then we officially feel old. In other news, if you are an Aquarius, you are inherently a creative visionary, great with coming up with original ideas and willing to put in as many hours as needed to get the job done. Look to align yourself with a good management team – Aquarius’ are not always the most patient of people, seek a company that can mentor, support and engage you.

Pisces (Born February 19 through March 20)

You are the friend that everyone goes to when having a bad day, you are able to see both sides of every argument, challenge or situation and those qualities can be directly associated with Pisces. Use your sense of compassion and judgement for a better-suited career path. Explore opportunities within social work, counseling or non-profit organizations to maximize your Pisces qualities.

Aries (Born March 21 through April 19)

You are the boss, Aries! What makes Aries so boss-ready is their clear communication skills, their passion for success and the ability to make decisions with effective follow through. If you are unsure of where you stand with management, now is the time to create a strategic plan for yourself. What next steps do you need to take to become a manager or move to the next tier within your company? You work best when it is clear what is expected of you, push yourself to determine what “musts” are needed to reach your trajectory.

Taurus (Born April 20 through May 20)

Similar to Aries, you too are a great leader. What sets you apart from your zodiac besties is the ability to be patient and methodical. If you are already in a management role, use 2016 to hone in on your employees that could learn from your great leadership. You coaching them will benefit everyone as you all bring success to the team. Research, accounting and finance are areas that you excel in, if you are not already involved in those areas, make it a point to learn them and incorporate into your work week.

Gemini (Born May 21 through June 21)

Odds are, you feel most productive in your career when you are collaborating and working within a team environment. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and prefer the teamwork as everyone can do their best work with their best skills. Just because you are comfortable in a team does not mean that you should stay put. Aspire for more this year, take a leadership role within your team and rather than wait for your assignment, take charge and delegate. Take on a task that might be a challenge and learn from where that takes you.

Cancer (Born June 22 through July 22)

For once, a little drama is a good thing! If you fall under the Cancer sign, your imagination and somewhat dramatic personality is perfect for a career in the arts or performing. Channel your imaginative creativity by taking the lead on presentation or giving that PowerPoint some professional pizzazz. Your co-workers most likely come to you when it comes to make plans for a work happy hour or birthday celebration. Take that to the next level by offering to plan a team retreat or company-wide event.

Leo (Born July 23 through August 22)

Teamwork is not your strong suit and that sometimes gives you a bad rap, however, in 2016, you will not let that get to you! You are at your best when working solo and this year, take the opportunity to learn from your fellow zodiacs on how they collaborate. Leo’s are quick thinkers and learners, you will adapt to the collaboration and in the end be that much better as a leader.

Virgo (Born August 23 through September 22) 

The perfectionist, you are precise and seek 110% from not only yourself but others. Your hard-working nature and dedication to not just getting the job done, but a job done well continues to be a double-edged sword. Make it a point to remind yourself that perfection does not always equal success. You can be detail oriented with your product being good enough and still have a successful outcome.

Libra (Born September 23 through October 22)

Similar to Cancer Womanistas, you lean towards being a socialable person at work. Easy to work with and someone that your fellow employees can go to for advice. If you are unhappy at your current job, give yourself the same advice you provide to your work peeps. Assess the position, why you are feeling unfulfilled and make a move. Libra’s work well in work environments that involve collaborative problem-solving, where you can make a difference together.

Scorpio (born October 23 through November 21)

If school was your jam, that probably had something to do with your Scorpio sign. From writing to finance, Scorpio’s are resourceful and intuitive in finding answers and conclusions. You rarely take short cuts and use fact rather than emotion to come to a conclusion. Look for an opportunity that embraces this such as research, education or the justice system.

Sagittarius (Born November 22 through December 21)

You were not meant to be tied down as your career thrives when you are traveling and meeting new people. Sales, public relations and human resources are right up your alley. This year, increase your network outreach. If you are not able to be a digital nomad, increase communication with other departments and offices and expand your own professional network as a result.

Capricorn (Born December 22 through January 19)

The organizer, that is you Capricorn. You have a logical system for everything and your company comes to rely on this. You are great at creating prioritized lists and efficient processes. Use this to your benefit by offering to own goal-setting lists and tallies. A comfort with numbers, math and accounting, learn the financial aspects of your company and how your position can support the company’s growth.           Glitter…         mAdE t.V!



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