Some of the signs that will enable you know that your own gal is manifestly a ‘runs babe’ are summarized below.

1. Demands: Quite frankly, almost all gals would make one or two financial demands to their guys while dating and there is no escaping this reality.

Regular recharge card is the simplest demand. If they call you just once, they will ask that their phone be refilled if you require further calls. Many Nigerian girls are always short of credit.

If your own gal is the type that would even ask you to drop some cash through the window before coming out to see you, no-one needs to tell you that you are definitely dating a ‘runs babe’ who is only interested in your money and not yourself as a lover.

2. They Like Parties: In the evenings, most runs babes go to clubs, parties, gardens or even hotels to solicit for men like the common practitioners. This is very common in most cities.

3. Insatiable s*xual Apetite: If your gal has an insatiable s*xual appetite, watch out, she is likely to be a ‘runs babe’ because of her experience in patronizing different men on a daily basis. It’s just impossible for any average guy to meet the s*xual demands of a ‘hustler’ unless one wishes to be a Viagra addict with the concomitant side-effect of premature stroke.

4. Lousy: A runs babe is naturally a barefaced gal who, most often, talks dirty openly and possibly has no regard for anything called respect. They behave anyhow and more often than not, are always abusive because they have no shame. As most of them are high school and university drop-outs, their vocabulary is often limited. If your gal is incorrigible and not amenable to correction, she is probably one. There is no sense of commitment and they are usually prepared to end the relationship at every flimsy excuse without remorse. If your gal friend shows some of these qualities, she is very likely to be one.

5. No Integrity. A typical ‘runs babe can tell 10 lies within 10 minutes. They are even worse than professional s*x hawkers in hotels and other public places, even though they appear a bit more sophisticated than the professionals because of their higher educational exposure, yet the advisability of considering a typical ‘hustler’ as a future marriage-material is very low.

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