There are so many means of survival as a human being. Everyone has those high and low times in life, when you want to give up on everything. The main reason why you feel this way is because of the people you have around you, the people you choose to be friends with and the people you choose to have a say in your life. To achieve success, you have to give up a few bad traits. This article will give you an insight on what to cut off in life to achieve those goals.


1. Bad friends: We all know it is difficult to live a life without friends, how lonely and sad our lives would be to live alone. But the truth is, to achieve success and be happy, bad friends are the first set of people you cut off. Not all friends want you happy. I am sure you have that one friend who always discourages you when you mention that big leap you want to take. Send that friend packing. You will be fine without them.

2. Envy: You can never be successful if you are envious of other people’s success. It just never works out fine for you. Do not be the type of person who does things because Mr. A is doing it. He is making money from it so you think it might work the same way for you. Remove your eyes from other people’s success, be happy for them, find ways to improve yourself.

3. Negativity: Never say never. Never convince yourself that you cannot make it. If you believe that you will never make it in life, then maybe you would not. The words of the mouth are strong. Try it first and see for yourself before you jump into conclusion.

4. Procrastination: This is one major backlash to achieve success. When you procrastinate, it makes you lazy and before you know what’s happening, you might end up not doing what you wanted to do in the first place. Procrastination leads to laziness and we all know that nothing can be achieved if you are lazy. That is one of the worst traits to imbibe to achieve success. Always be on the move to achieve your goals.

5. Pride: As they always say, pride goes before a fall. This is not to say you can’t have your integrity and self-esteem. Of course you can, but let it be for a positive cause. If you can’t stoop low to get what you want then sorry to burst your bubble, you will not move forward in life. Never have the notion that you are better than everyone else, even if you have more money than the other. Whatever the case may be, you do not know where you will meet the next person you belittled in life. Be humble!                                                   Giztzzz…               mAdE t.V!



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