Before going on a date, women wear their smartest outfits, put on the finest makeup and try their best to look as gorgeous as possible, to woo their men. And let us be real, who does not like to be floored with compliments? But, sometimes there are things that women do unconsciously, that turn men off.

The girl might think that she looks really cute, but those things can actually turn a guy off. Here is a list of seven most common mistakes made by most women, which in reality, are not cute at all.
1.Too much pouting…

The selfie fever is definitely in vogue. And, for some reason, while taking a selfie, women feel the need to pout. The pout might suit some, but not all, and that too, only while taking the picture. If you pout your lips after each sentence you speak, you are certainly not going to see your date after tonight. So, go easy on the pout, and be your natural self.

# 2. The baby talk

Women always complain about men being like little kids, just refusing to grow up. Then why do they indulge in ‘baby talk’ with their guy? Words like, ‘Shona’, ‘Babu’, ‘Chocopiee’, batting eyelids, and talking like a school girl can put men off! God has given you a nice voice, so let him hear the real you, and not your cartoon version.

# 3. Drinking more just to show off

If you are a regular drinker, you develop a certain capacity to drink. It is only when you cross that limit that you cannot walk straight. But many women drink to impress their dates. They think men will be awed by the fact that they have a massive capacity. What they do not realise is that men can make out in a jiffy how uncomfortable the drink is making you, just by looking at your face. So, act like a lady! Order a drink, something that you are comfortable with. Getting high after drinking and doing crazy things later, will make your guy lose respect for you.

# 4. Flirting with his friends

Don’t be under the impression that flirting with his friends while you are out in a group will make him jealous, and he will feel more attracted towards you. Rather, if he is sensible enough, he will not like to interact with you anymore.

# 5. Perfume attack

When you wear perfume before going on a date, it is for your guy and not for the entire restaurant to smell. If a guy cannot hold you close to him, without his nose getting blocked with the perfume overdose, he may not want to hold you at all.

#6. Makeup overdose

Makeup does enhance a woman’s beauty, but an overdose of it can make you look gothic instead of pretty. Be natural and go light on the makeup. Let him know and like the real you, not the masked woman.

# 7. Unnecessary dirty talk

If you are in a very serious relationship with your guy, talking dirty with him, can sometimes be sensual. But, if you have just met the guy or are with his group of friends, talking dirty can send across the wrong message. Some things look and sound cool only in privacy, and only with a person with whom your comfort level is at its peak.

So, in case you are doing all or some of the above mentioned things, it is quite possible that you might send the man of dreams running away in the other direction. Keep it real girls, and that is what will really attract a guy towards you.     Giztzzz…   mAdE t.V!



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