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Life for a woman can be rough. There is so much negativity in the world and we need to create more sources of positivity to offset that. One place a woman hopes to get some of the good stuff is in her relationship and in her home. She desires for it to be a place to escape from the nonsense and receive the peace and love she needs. As men and husbands there are some things you can do to make this dream a reality.

1. Show her you are happy to see her.
Have you ever come hometo be greeted with a big hug and kiss? It feels good doesn’t it? Well that is a feeling you should provide your wife on a consistent basis. Show her love and pour positive energy into her when she walks through that door. Let her know you missed her and you are happy to see her. Give her some attention and don’t make it about s*x. Taking these actions will create an environment that a woman wants to rush home to

2. Show interest in wanting to talk to her and listen.
Something as simple as asking a woman “how was your day” is something many truly appreciate. It shows you are interested in her and what is going on in her life. So it is definitely a step in the right direction but don’t stop there. Make time to actually listen to her and give her your full attention. Show her that she is more important than anything else at that moment. Everything else can wait when you are making time to talk to your wife

3. Teach your kids to greet her when she comes home.
The same way it feels great to be greeted with love by your spouse it also feels great to be greeted with love by your children. Kids are so distracted with the internet, TV, and other crap (so are adults) that when their parents come home some are lucky to get a head nod and a “hey mom”. Teach them to do better than that by greeting their mother with a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, or whatever expression of love works for her.

4. Have the house in order.
I understand that due to the dynamic of many marriages (both people working) that this can be difficult at times. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t do better and that you can’t make it happen with some decent level of consistency. Nobody likes to come home to a messy out of control house. So if you can try to make some time to create a more peaceful and clean environment. Not to mention handling the kids to lessen her burden. If you both work this is something that can be done equally just on alternating days.

5. Learn how to read her.
Men are definitely not mind readers, but don’t let that stop you from getting more in tune with your wife. If she comes home mad the last thing you want to do is ignore or overlook that even if she hasn’t expressed verbally that she is mad. Learn her mannerisms and simply say “baby what’s wrong”. Even if she doesn’t want to talk about it she feels a lot better knowing that you can tell when something is off. It can make her feel very special when you get in tune with her.
Make your home a place where your wife can recharge and be fulfilled. A place where the good far outweighs the bad and love is abundant. Pouring into her what she needs will likely lead to her giving you an amazing love in return and creating a happy and successful marriage overall.           Giztzzz…           mAdE t.V!



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