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If you are a shoe-addict (just like us), you are eagerly waiting when you can finally grasp that killer pair and walk them out or at least show off on Instagram. Just a sec! Read a few preventive measures to make your incredible treasure last!

If we, hasty girls, knew how easy it is to protect our invaluable shoes, we wouldn’t be so light-minded. Unfortunately, as a rule, the thoughts about prevention visit us a little too late. It takes less money and fewer activities than you could anticipate.

Get acquainted with our three tips on how to protect your precious footwear in the years ahead:

1) Use heel caps and rubber soles
Go to a shoemaker and ask him to add a thin layer of rubber soles of any color you need. It takes some minutes, not more. In such a way, you will avoid bottom scraping or unpleasant odor. Should your footwear have stilettos, don’t neglect the strong heel caps – so that your shoes do not wear down too soon

2) Leather needs to be Conditioned
You have never heard about leather conditioning? Well, it’s high time to learn about that! Additional moisture is one of the life’s essentials for shoe leather. It will make leather fabulously supple and will prevent nettlesome cracks. Prior to procedure, apply a soft shoe brush to clean the shoes, after that rub some conditioner onto the shoes. A few minutes later wipe the conditioner off – the leather absorbs only the needed amount. You will pay about $10 for your leather conditioner, but it is definitely worth it. And it lasts!

3) Store them Properly
The place where your shoes spend their days and nights (when not used) is vital. Scratching, fading and other problems can face you if the place was chosen wrongly. At least your most expensive shoes have to be kept in a box! Those linen dust bags can be a wonderful storage alternative whether you are in your home city or living out of a suitcase on a trip.

And remember the most essential thing: never throw your pricey shoes into the closet just like that! They require air, they demand discipline and care. Line them up and leave sufficient space between pairs so that they could breathe. Do not allow them to stand in direct sunlight if you don’t want them to fade and lose their mind-blowing color!        Glitter…      mAdE t.V!



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