After successfully making it past the HR screening process, a hiring manager decides if a candidate has the job or not. That’s why when going into an interview, it’s essential to know some of the job interview questions to expect and how to answer them.


5 Job Interview Questions to be Prepared to Answer

Here are five common job interview questions to prepare for ahead of time, and how to answer them:

Be Prepared for These Common Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Question #1: Tell Me about Yourself

Many job candidates don’t know how to answer this job interview question because they don’t spend time preparing to answer it. Perhaps because the job interview question seems simple and informal, many job candidates answer it the wrong way.

Answer: Tell the interviewer about your particular unique selling points. This is known as personal branding, It should include a one-sentence description of who you are, your strengths and the benefits of these strengths.

Be specific when answering this job interview question by explaining how you’ll benefit the employer. Try not spit out a boring laundry list of talents or skills. Put monetary value on your work and have details at hand when asked this job interview question. Give an estimate of the cash you have helped your previous employer make or save.

To answer this question properly, prepare before time and come up with your own personal branding statement.

Job Interview Question #2: What is your greatest weakness?

Answer: When asked about your greatest weaknesses, there are various ways to answer. A smart way to address this job interview question is to mention your skills that are not essential for the job. Talk about the skills you have improved, to turn a negative into positive.

Another approach to this job interview question is to analyze the major skills and strengths required for the position and come up with honest shortcomings. Make sure the shortcoming isn’t essential for the success of the specific job you are interviewing for at the time.

ob Interview Question #3: Why Do You Want This Job?

To answer this job interview question, you need to customize the answers to fit the particular job for which you are interviewing.

Answer: You can say something like:

“I want this job because it is perfectly tailored to my competencies, which include real estate. As I mentioned earlier, in my previous position I created an incredible growth rate of 30% in the real estate industry.”

Job Interview Question #4 : How Do You Evaluate Your Success?

This job interview question gives your interviewer a sense of your goals, personality and work ethics.

Answer: To come up with an ideal answer for this job interview question, try to share the knowledge of the job for which you are applying. Do a lot of research before the interview by going through the company’s website to learn and understand more about it. Remember to include some aspects of your personality in your answer. Give a balanced answer that shows a dynamic focus on improving your performance to achieve the company’s mission and make a positive impact.

You can say something like:

“I take success as doing my job well. I want to be recognized an individual who does their best and tries their hardest to meet my goals. I evaluate success based on not only my work, but the work of my team.”

Job Interview Question # 5: Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it.

These job interview questions are used by the employer to discover how you have handled certain situations.

Answer: Give specific examples of challenging situations that happened at work. Then discuss how you solved them. Keep your answers positive and specific when responding to these job interview questions…       Giztzzz…       mAdE t.V!



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