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You know you are the smartest chic in office and can give a helluva time to others. Your female colleagues are probably jealous and you can give quite a hard time to the men. Clearly you’re the blue-eyed girl at the work place. But hang on. Does the lady at the top think the same about you?

It could be a hard time if you thought you’re the best; but there’s another lady around to keep you in check. And harder if she’s your boss! You could feel you are your smartest best; and yet feel overshadowed just ‘coz of variance in hierarchy. But you’re helpless because a boss is the boss after all! Don’t lose heart girls! Here are ways you can become top-notch in your boss’ esteem after all!


The first rule you should never try messing up with is never to think that you are smarter than your boss. If she is above you, there are reasons for it. However, what you can do is not give her reasons to think you are any less good! Just play up to her and get into her good books so that there is no clash of egos (at least from your side!) Again, don’t look to outsmart her, ‘coz unlike a male boss over whom you could get lucky to use your charm over, remember she is a woman just like you and is better at sniffing out a rat! Use the female-bonding to your advantage and be as honest as possible with her, and this could work in favour for you. Try to get to know your boss – where her inclinations lie, what puts her off and what her pet peeves are. If you could attune yourself to your boss’s liking, it could be the greatest advantage for you.

Respect her for being the boss. Admire her credentials at the level she has reached, considering it is not a man in her place. You are a woman too so be proud of the position she is in, some day you could be there too. Let her know of her inspiring presence so that she may be encouraged to prod on her female employees. Be simple and open in your communication. Don’t expect her to read your mind and feel your feelings, being a woman. This is where professionalism comes in, and at the work place there’s no place for intuition. Tell her your needs and expectations; let her know your requirements and the results will be much simpler for you as well.

While woman is woman’s best friend, and can be her greatest enemy; it would be wise for you not to make the latter out of your female boss! Please her; don’t tease her. There might be ways and reasons for you to think you fare better than her, but there’s no way you can let her know, sweetheart, not as long as she holds the reigns! Be nice to her, let her know you appreciate her, give her appropriate gifts if situation demands( for example on her birthday or anniversary), chat up with her regarding non-official things to ease off tension, but remember to maintain the business relationship and not really cross it. She is still your boss at the end of the day; not your buddy!

Now given that you do end up managing to build up a rapport and can get on to have easy conversations with her, the golden rule to remember is never ever give in to your feminine weaknesses! Don’t start bitching about your female colleagues or others at work. This could sow the seeds of doubt and distrust in her mind and give way to cracks in not just your blossoming friendship but percolate enough to affect your employer-employee relation too. Don’t meddle in her affairs and especially when it comes to men, it’s a strict no-no! When it comes to office gossip, and it’s your boss who’s making the news, however tempting it might be or however much you’re craving to find that much-needed release in this liberating womanly act; do your best to back off if you care about your prospects of upward mobility in your job. While she definitely is not flawless herself, you could try your bit by offering her help, but that’s about it. Don’t bend over to step on her toes. You might not be her favorite, but don’t let that get to you. Understand the role that you have to play and the expectations asked of you. Is it Too much of an effort to remain angel-like you think? Being Miss goody two-shoes is your best bet, girl!

So much for the relatively easy circumstances…. Now for those which are unfortunately hellish. What if, no matter what you do, how much you work, however much you slog, (despite the results), the lady is a whacko of some sort and refuses to acknowledge and be blind to your efforts? Never bring out your bitchiness to the fore or try to attack back. You could not only end up losing your job, but worse, run the risk of getting black-listed. Cringing is not only just about what you can do. You are encouraged to go beyond and make extra efforts. What’s important is to try and understand your lady boss, and not make matters worse for her (and through her, for yourself!) Indulge in some ego-massage towards her and try to keep your smile on your face. Try and understand as much as your will lets you. Try not to get yourself overworked regarding her. She could just be having a bad time outside the office (family, relationships or just her menopause!). Learn to uncomplicated and please choose your battles wisely.

Bosses all over have similar strains in them somewhere, irrespective of gender. Yet our lady bosses are special for their own peculiar idiosyncrasies. Love them or hate them; you just wouldn’t be able to ignore them. And as long as you have to work under them, it is best you make the most of them, and what you can do for them.     Giztzzz…             mAdE t.V!



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