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 Every woman sometimes asks such a question. Some partners just can`t be loyal and faithful all the times. But before thinking if all manhood as a demons, try to figure out – what are the reasons of such bad behavior.

He also wants some attention

Men want to be appreciated and acknowledged as well as women do. But is it a weird and unmanly thing for a Nigerian man to ask for such a thing. But when another woman gives this attention and care, he will appreciate it.


Some men just think about cheating like some scientific experiment. They just want some variety. You can do everything they want and to be a perfect wife, but they will still look for something more.

A proof of power

It can sound funny, but a lot of men think, that the more women they dated the more manly they are.

Occasional dates

Sometimes men saw some “once a life” opportunity they can`t resist. It can be a New Year eve when you left him alone or any other occasion.

Demonstration of power

When a guy thinks he is famous, rich or handsome he thinks he can do everything. And cheating also included into this list. Because he is sure that the world belongs to him and he can do anything he wants.


If he suspects you in cheating he can cheat just for revenge. Of course he can be wrong – you can be not cheating. But you can`t turn back time.


He is going to dump you. And he is sure that you will throw him out of your life after you discover that he was cheating. He was just cheating his way out.

If your man was guilty of some reasons above you just need to analyze your relationships and decide on do you need such a person in your life? Maybe it is just not your significant other. Let such man go and forget about him.      Giztzzz…          mAdE t.V!




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