beyonce and her dad

Who better to teach a class on becoming as big as Beyoncé than her father and ex-manager Mathew Knowles

Apart from the superstar herself, Knowles might be the next best person to lead what is described as a one day "intensive boot camp" on breaking into the music business. The Mrs. Carter crash course is officially being called The Entertainment Industry: How To Get In? and takes place at Houston Community College Central, Sept. 13. 

Knowles, a former student at HCC, guided his daughter's career boot camp-style from the beginning, until they dissolved the business relationship over three years ago. "I've been in the music and entertainment business more than 20 years and I know how it works," Knowles said of his qualifications. "I am able to save someone, who wants to know what to do to get in, a lot of legwork and time… time that it took me years to learn."

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the class, along with a booklet from Knowles filled with industry terms, contacts and more information. Advance tickets run $295 and $350 at the door. 

If he choses, Knowles can offer both the good and bad sides of the entertainment industry coin. His finances aren't as plush since Beyoncé let him go. He was audited by the singer's legal team in 2010, leading to his subsequent firing. The pink slip preceded a lawsuit brought against Live Nation by Knowles, who claimed the company falsely accused him of stealing money in hopes of promoting his daughter's 2011 world tour.

2014 hasn't been been much better for Knowles. Though he had child support payments lowered for a son born in 2010, last month, another woman stepped up accusing him of fathering her child. TaQoya Branscomb, 30, is suing Knowles for declaration of paternity and child support.

She claims the Music World Entertainment founder got her pregnant the same year his marriage to Tina Knowles ended.   Giztzzz…   mAdE t.V!



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