daily sex

A high pressure job, household chores, or your child’s upcoming exam, the reasons to fall into a s*x-free zone are many. But, it is vital to know for every couple that it requires physical intimacy to combat any sort of dissatisfaction. Frequency of s*x is in many ways is related to the happiness quotient of a relationship. Therefore, it is never too late to boost your health and happiness by having s*x daily. Here are 8 reasons to have s*x everyday



1. Best work-out

Making love is the most amazing physical activity to indulge in. If we talk of physiological changes that take place in our body during intercourse or increase in respiratory rate, both signal towards burning calories. It is believed that 30 minutes of s*x burns around 85 calories thus making it a great form of cardio; both physical and physiological.

2. Beauty potion

You don’t need to spend countless hours at the salon or buy expensive creams. It is said that s*x is a natural makeup. If you spend 15 minutes in bed daily doing the needful, your cheeks will have a natural glow, lips will be pouty pink and skin will shine like never before. This is due to increased blood flow that brings good nutrients and oxygen to the skin. It also saves you from premature signs of aging as well.

3. Comfort

It is important to have s*x to feel comfortable in your own skin and with your partner’s body as well. Having s*x more often can also be linked to feeling good about yourself and increased self-esteem. s*x is a lot about loving and staying connected with your partner that makes you feel less vulnerable when unclad in bed.

4. Sleep Well

Studies show that oxytocin released during love-making promotes better sleep. Getting a good night sleep also brings great benefits like controlled blood pressure and healthy weight. Next time you can’t put yourself to sleep; your partner can definitely come to your rescue. Also, it is seen that oxytocin can reduce pain and boost body’s pain fighting endorphins. Whether it is headache or PMS, the symptoms can improve after you shimmy under bed sheets. Post-s*x sleep is believed to be restorative that will have you rejuvenated the next morning with no puffiness or under eye bags to complain of.

5. Soft skin

A physical activity in bed can make you sweat and secrete natural oils like linoleic acid. This is a moisturising element also found in olive oil, thus it helps to lubricate and hydrate the skin without having to apply anything.

6. Stress reliever

s*x is a natural stress buster. Since, it is all about learning how to relax and breathe in symphony with your partner. It sure can have meditative and calming effects on both. A 15 minute act can keep you tension free the whole day.

7. Stay young

A good s*x life can shave years off your face and make you appear beautiful externally. Also, it boosts immunity and keeps heart diseases, cancer and depression at bay thus making you calm and disease-free inside. As a result, you end up feeling younger and healthier than before…     Giztzzz…    mAdE t.V!



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