black man being played

1. She Tell Lies.


A female Player will lie to you about herself and whereabouts, She will lie about things just to hide herself in case things goes wrong between the two of you. So If you find out she has lied about things you asked her about, then never trust her not even everything she once told you. Don’t ever fall For her words or believe what she says


2. She Doesn’t ask Much about your Life.

Female Players know what they want, You will find she is much interested in other things rather than your life, she won’t ask you much about yourself or your past, she won’t go deep to know you cause she is just passing by and not there to say with you.

3. She Doesn’t Show Much Interest In You.

Some Of this female players don’t have much interest in you but in what you have or what they want from you. They Will send signals that they are attracted to u just to blind you but you get closer they will push you away without you noticing.

4. She has Less Or No Female Friends.

Female Player know Much involvement with her female friends May Cause her problems to complete her mission, she know most women are betrayers and If one Of Her friends find our about her mission she may mess everything about her plans.

5. She Is not sensitive.

We all know women are emotional, so if the women your dating isn’t emotional and sensitive to what you tell her, definitely she is not interested in you at all, she is just their for her own benefit so watch out!   Giztzzz…           mAdE t.V!



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