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Pains associated with the woman’s menstrual bleeding varies from one woman to another. Some women are often paralyzed with pains at this time of the month, while some do not even experience any pain at all.


It has been noticed that an estimated 50% of women have painful cramps, and among these, up to 15% would describe their menstrual cramps as severe. Survey also show that over 90% of adolescent girls are having menstrual cramps. It is a known fact that these pains can affect the daily activities of every woman experiencing it for some days.

But the good news is…there are some natural and simple ways to ease these pains! A few of them are listed below;

Always be prepared!

Like the Boys’ Scout motto, you must be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for every month’s menstrual cycle. Anxiety, stress and unpreparedness can make menstrual pain to be more severe. When you know when your due date is and you manage yourself well in preparation for it, menstruating could become less painful. Desist from strenous activities that might make you vulnerable during your menstrual periods. Emotional stress can increase the discomfort of menstrual cramps.

Healthy Eating Pattern

Healthy diets has a whole lot to do with enhancing the menstrual flow. Avoid the intake of too much greasy foods and some other unhealthy junks especially when your cycle is close. Eat fruits, vegetables and some other great supplements.

Exercise is key

Whether mild or heavy, a constant exercise routine helps in the alleviation of menstrual cramps. Although the pains might make you feel lazy and not motivated to work out, but you should be encouraged by knowing that when you do perform some form of exercise, the pain will get better.

Hot shower

When you’re experiencing pains, having not a warm, but a hot shower can help a great deal. This helps calm some of the hormones in the system down, thereby giving you a lasting relief.

Wear loose clothes

When you wear tight fitted attires, it joins all other factors in your body to give you more pains. Wear loose clothes that will make all your body parts free from any restraints.

It is true that menstrual pain get reduced and vanishes with age, but with the above tips, you can manage the pains that comes with womanhood well enough for you to have a happy monthly bleeding!     Giztzzz…    mAdE t.V!



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