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If you are in the early stages of dating a man and you are having trouble reading his thoughts about you, there are several ways to grade his behavior if it is not obvious to you. These might be clues to his interest or lack thereof.


1. Is he responsive to texts, calls or emails? Does he respond in a reasonable length of time to your communications?

2. Does he initiate contact with you? Does he reach out to you without prompting on occasion?

3. Is he eager to see you? Does he express that he is looking forward to your next date or an event coming up in the future?

4. Is he reluctant to leave you? Does he linger at the end of a date stretching it out?

5. Is he interested in you and your life? Does he ask about your day or about past events in your life?

6. Is he helpful? Does he offer to help you with something that he knows a lot about or is good at?

7. Is he verbally complimentary? Doe he give you an affirmation or compliment that you are good at something or speak kindly of qualities you possess?

8. Has he introduced you to any family members or friends? When the opportunity arises, does he want to meet your friends and family or introduce you to his?

9. Is he physically affectionate or does he show he is physically attracted to you?

10. Does he act like you are special? Has he shared that he would like to exclusive with you?

11. Does he mention future activities he would like to plan with you? Has he invited you to an event in the future?
If you do not see these factors, it could be that it is possible they will develop if you are patient and give it more time or you could be deluding yourself.   Giztzzz…     mAdE t.V!



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