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1. He doesn’t pamper you with gifts anymore

In the early phase boys pamper their beloved with gifts and various tokens of love, without any reason. If your boyfriend has stopped giving you gifts and is not pampering you anymore with little knick knacks, it could be a bad sign that he is taking you for granted.


2. He forgets your birthday

It is a well-known fact that men are not good at remembering dates. But your birthday is one day of the year that you should expect your boyfriend to remember. If he has forgotten this date more than once, it is an obvious sign that his mind is occupied with something more important. No matter how much he apologizes, the fact that he has forgotten your birthday more than once is enough to tell you that he is drifting away.

3. His spends nights out more often than he dates with you

Does your boyfriend hang out with his friends way more than he does with you? Has he ever canceled a date with you just because he wanted to spend time with his friends? If he has, you should understand that he is losing interest in the relationship.


4. He looses his temper for no reason

Of course, every couple has fights and arguments occasionally. But if your boyfriend is losing his temper on silly matters on a daily basis for no reason, it could be an alarming situation. Maybe he is deliberately creating rifts between you both. Or he may also be losing his temper out of frustration of being stuck in a relationship in which he is not interested anymore.

5. He starts using ‘I’ instead of ‘we’

Couples who are in love with each other usually plan their future together. They tend to use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ because they think about their life as a couple, not as individuals. If he started talking in first person of his feelings towards you, it could mean that he is already thinking only about himself, because he has lost interest in the relationship.

6. He seems generally uninterested and aloof

Little things and minute behavioral traits are enough to let you know whether he has any interest in your relationship or not. Compare your boyfriend’s behaviour to that one a few months back. If you find that he seems a lot more disinterested and aloof than before, he might have fallen out of love with you.       Giztzzz…     madetv!



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