chief keef arrest warrant

Chief Keef has only been free for a couple weeks and the 18-year-old rapper is already back in the custody of law enforcement, but this time he’ll be heading to rehab, reports Made tv!


Keef, born Keith Cozart, appeared in a Skokie, Ill. courtroom on a traffic violation Wednesday (Nov. 6) afternoon, and failed a random drug test for the second time in the last month. A judge sentenced him to 90 days in treatment at a facility associated with the Cook County Department of Corrections.

The teen broke the news himself tweeting,”In court Finna go to Jail Judge Wants to send me Back,” alongside a photo of emojis and the message, “See y’all later.” 

A spokesperson for the Cook Country Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Keef is in custody and headed to the Cook County Jail, located on the city’s Southside. 

Keef pleaded guilty to speeding in June, and paid a $531 fine for the aforementioned violation, but driving too fast is the least of his legal worries. In September he was held in contempt for not paying child support, and in July a landlord sued the youngster for close to $10,000 in back rent. Add that to his repeated parole violations (which landed him in jail for two months back in January), and things aren’t looking too good for Sosa.

He is slated to begin the 90-day rehab Thursday (Nov. 7), and must complete the entire sentence.     Giztzzz…                 madetv!



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