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Most people don’t know how you can use your legs in different ways during s*x to enhance sensation for yourself and for your partner. So, next time instead of letting them just lie there or dangle off the bed, use these tips to steam things up in the bedroom with those sexy pins.


Squeeze for pleasure – During the act if your man is on top, squeeze your legs together as this will tighten the fit and increase pleasure. However, make sure to keep your pelvic region relaxed, so he can enter you easily.

One leg up – Steam up things between the sheets by drawing your knee to your chest during missionary. By doing this, he has more chances of hitting your g-spot. Start with one leg and you could experiment with both to see how it feels.

Hook and cook – Standing s*x can be a lot of fun once in a while. But, we know how uncomfortable things can get. Make things snug and pleasurable by hooking one of your legs around his thigh. climax guaranteed.

Rise and shine – This position is really simple and very enjoyable. All you have to do is lie on your back and keep your feet flat on the bed. Just when he is about to enter you, lift your hips into a bridge position. This position also gives you an upper hand and you can guide him properly. Are you ready to try this one tonight?

Use your thighs – Which guy will refuse a lap dance? It drives most men crazy! He’s definitely going to love this move. Just ask him to sit on a chair, facing him, rest your hands on the back of the chair. Now, straddle one of his upper legs and rub and caress his inner thighs with yours.


Spread it nice – Yes, you have to spread your legs during s*x. But, have you tried spreading them during doggie position? Well, next time spread your legs extra wide to give him a good view. This also enhances sensation.

Leggy signals – The simple gesture of opening your legs can be extremely powerful. It is a subtle way of inviting him in. You could do it casually with your clothes on or in bed. Give him the open invitation by sexily and slowly opening your legs when he is watching.

Dress them up – There’s something really sexy about stockings, don’t you think? Dress your legs with sexy stockings and stilettos to create visual appeal. You could also sexily remove your stockings while he’s watching you and watch him go crazy.

The butterfly position – Increase your oral pleasure by spreading your legs wide when he’s going down on you. This gives him more area to work on and increases the sensation.

Clean finish – This move is the easiest and works extremely well. During missionary, open your legs just when you’re about to finish. This move will give you a better chance of dual climax…                Raw & Unkut…      madetv!



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