celeb jim iyke at tb joshua

You know, while all this brouhaha has been on the social networks, has anyone really asked what Jim Iyke was doing at the church at the first place?


Well, i just received reports from a colleague that claims they know the full story of what took the controversial actor to the church at the first instance.

Read below on how my insider reports it: –

Reports on the actor’s visit to the church indicated that he was being delivered of a negative spirit that has prevented him from getting married.

But recent findings, revealed that Jim Iyke accompanied a friend, whose mother was seriously ill to the church where he was caught in the web of what was said to be a rescue exercise.

Jim’s friend’s mother is said to be on admission at a hospital, in Ajao Estate, from where she was taken to the church, but perhaps due to the popularity of the actor, the church ministers went for him, claiming there was more to his not being married than meets the eye.


A two-minute video on the church’s website shows the actor struggling with several officers of Pastor TB Joshua, the head of the church, as they fought to keep him still.

The session, as shown in the video got the thespian sprawling on the floor, after falling several times, and shouting incoherent words.

“What do you guys want from me,” asked the actor, apparently recovering from frenzy. “Take it easy, the man of God will like to see you after the service,” replied one of the church ministers, as the led the actor away from the middle of the congregation, looking bewildered.

Reports say the sick woman’s son was also attended to during the church service, but the woman, who was the real reason Jim and his friend went to the church was told to come back at a later date.

The woman, whom we learnt was brought to Lagos from Abuja in search of solution to her health problem, had since been taken back to the Ajao Estate hospital where she is waiting for another appointment from the church.                              Giztzzz…                 madetv!



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