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Here are some tips to help you out;

1. self service: Although self service is great fun for one and is quite healthy for guys to engage in, too much of it might be keeping you from your due orgasms in the height of lovemaking. There are a couple of reasons this could be happening and I’m pretty sure they’ll come as no shock to you.


First, if you self service more often than you urinate on any given day, then perhaps the fact that your testosterone levels are so low that you simply cannot bring yourself to climax amid s*xual contact with your woman is causing it. So stop giving yourself so many hands, and give her a hand or two instead.

Secondly, if you self service in an aggressive manner in which you squeeze your man-hood or pump it aggressively with your hand, you may be diminishing some of the sensitivity. And since a v**ina can never measure up to the aggression that a hand achieves, men ultimately don’t get that bang-up job they’re seeking.

You have two options:
– self service more gently and slowly allowing your hand to simply hug your man-hood rather than squeeze it.
– Stop self servicing altogether and allow the sensitivity to return slowly but surely.

2. Heat it up: Let’s face it, most guys enjoy seeing the provocative, loose women do their thing, they just wouldn’t keep them as serious girlfriends. Now you have a great girlfriend who is dedicated and faithful to you… so why don’t you turn her into that nasty girl in the bedroom?

If she’s up to the idea, get her to put on a very seedy outfit or have her be the dominant one in bed. The fact that she is portraying one of those women for your eyes (and man-hood) only is quite exciting.

As well, you can talk dirty to one another or even role-play. She can be your personal bad girl for the evening. A change in scenery is great, a change of character is even better.

3. Holding it in: Because many men feel like they want to climax within the first few minutes of intercourse, they keep holding it in. Ultimately, they hold it in so many times that they don’t release at all.


Although holding it in for the sake of your woman’s climax is a selfless act in itself, sometimes you just want to get your rocks off too. What I suggest is that you pleasure her to climax with your tongue, your fingers and when it comes time to penetrate, you can enjoy your climax guilt-free. Not always, however, because sometimes she wants that climax that a woman can only get from being penetrated by her man.

4. Orals: If you have a hard time reaching climax amid oral s*x, it may be because she’s not using her hand(s) while her mouth is greeting your man-hood. Instead of dictating what she should do, stroke the base part of your man-hood and let her follow it up and down with her mouth.

Also, you can take hold of her hand and place it on your man-hood, whispering that you’d like her to salivate all over your man-hood and then stroke it while she travels up and down on it with her mouth simultaneously.

And of course, visualization is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs for guys, so hold her hair back so you can watch more closely as she does her oral aerobics for your viewing and sensual pleasure.

5. Re-positioning: If you want to increase sensitivity during s*x so that you can come to the point of no return and enjoy yourself, try an assortment of positions and choose one that works for you.

*Everyone knows that the doggy position allows for deep penetration, but if done right, it can accelerate your race to the finish line. The trick is to penetrate her slowly and rhythmically. Look at her body, let your mind wander, and if possible, spank her.

*Allow her to be on top and squat up and down on you (she is on her feet and maneuvering up and down while only your man-hood and her v**ina are touching). She can go slowly or more quickly, either way, many a man admits to losing all hopes of controlling his climax in this position. Give it a shot and you might just end up giving it a shot.

Satisfaction doesn’t have to come from your hands; it’s as easy as a fantasy or s*xual position away. So long as you’re healthy, ejaculation need not be a feat that requires focused concentration and plenty of time.

Unleash your mind and think outside the proverbial box. Take the focus of climax away from your man-hood and apply it to your entire body. Until next time, always practice safe s*x and live your s*xual life to its fullest potential.                                   Giztzzz…                                  madetv!



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