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Enthralled by the size and fast growing Nigerian market, British foremost shirtmaker, TM Lewin established in London in 1898 has partnered Smart Mark, Nigeria’s leading distributor of fashion brands to open branches in Nigeria.




It opened a shop last weekend at Onikan shopping mall with plans for more branches in Nigeria.

Mark Dunhill, International Director at TM Lewin said “the opening of the new stores in Lagos marks the start of an exciting new era for TM Lewin. We look forward to bringing our range  direct to the doorstep of Nigeria’s professional business community.”


Layi Gobir, the managing director of Smart Mark said, “The TM Lewin and Smart Mark partnership and the subsequent opening of the City Mall Onikan  store continues the company’s tradition of excellence in service delivery and provision of access to world class brands in Nigeria.”

Segun Ogunleye, the marketing communications manager of Smart Mark added: “Customers will enjoy a gift of free silk knot on every purchase in the first two weeks of opening. Customers will also be given privilege cards which guarantee discounts on all future purchases of the brand.”

According to him, customers can also order online and the delivery made in few hours after order. TM Lewin designs and manufactures superior quality business wear for men and women. The company’s extensive range of shirts, suits and accessories are crafted using many of the same traditional British tailoring techniques pioneered over a century ago, the management said.                Giztzzz…               madetv!



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