celeb kanye vs paparazzi

Kanye West predicted that fighting a photographer at LAX would cost him, and he may be right. Attorney Gloria Allred filed a lawsiuit on behalf of the allegedly injured photog, Daniel Ramos, which was announced during a press conference this afternoon.


Allred is accusing West of “assault, battery, negligence and interference with Danny’s civil rights,” and wants the court to evoke an protective order barring West from any further contact with Ramos.

The Los Angeles County D.A.’s office has already cleared West in the scuffle, but now the L.A. City Attorney must determine whether or not vandalism and battery charges should be filed. At the time, West anticipated paying Ramos approximately “$250,000” but hasn’t said anything since. “It has been more than a month since the attack, Mr. West has still not apologized to Danny,” Allred pointed out.

His scuffle with Ramos came days after the “New Slaves” rapper scolded a TMZ camera guy for speaking to him. “Photographers should not be forced to suffer physical attacks simply because they speak to a celebrity,” she added. “Like everyone else, they [celebrities] need to be [held] accountable.”

Ramos, who was seated next to Allred, said he was in “complete shock” over West’s behavior. “All I had done was ask a question,” he explained. “I was terrified when Kanye started coming at me.” 

“Great pain,” has plagued Ramos since the incident, which left him with a bruised hip and walking with a cain.

Allred is known for her involvement in high-profile cases, typically involving women or women’s rights. She has made an arrangement to serve the suit to West’s attorney sometime today.            Giztzzz…      madetv!



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