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Ghostwriting another rapper’s lyrics is still a sensitive subject in hip hop, which may be why Nicki Minaj had such a nasty reaction to a man claiming that he wrote her rhymes. New Jersey-based rapper Ransom released the track “Man Alone,” which allegedly exposes Minaj, reports made tv. “Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her, just hoping she make it big,” he spit.


When made tv sources confronted her about the ghostwriting rumor, she let loose. “What? I rap better than him. Is he crazy? I’m not even a man a n—as got my d— in they mouth!” 

In the next breath, the YMCMB star called herself “undisputed,” and had a message for Ransom. “I don’t need to muthaf—in’ ghostwriter, so if you telling that lie, you must be real f—in’ desperate and you still ain’t gon’ pop.”

Further in the video she slandered his rap skills. “How a wack n—- gon’ write my s—? I haven’t even heard about that in the last five years. I slaughter these n—-s! Period!”

Ransom claims the lyric wasn’t to slight Minaj.

Taking shots is what Ransom’s most known for, however. He’s aimed at Joe Budden, most recently on the freestyle “Open Letter,” but has failed to get a rise out of the Slaughterhouse rapper.             Giztzzz…     madetv!



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