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D’Banj & Durella have had quite an interesting relationship.


Probably because of their similar voice textures and music style, rumors of a rift between both acts were predominant a while back. However, all that seemed to have been put beyond them when both artistes began to move in the same circles, usually ending up photographed together. There were even hints of D’Banj signing Durella to his newly formed DB Records.

Fast forward a few months, and their love tryst has proved to be short-lived. It all began after Durella’s version of D’Banj’s “Blame it on the Money” surfaced on the Internet. According to Durella, the music community assumed that the song was originally performed by Durella and that D’Banj jacked it from him. This assumption then led to a falling out between him and his ‘brother’ D’Banj. His comments,

“I know there’s been a lot of controversy out there because of the song but ‘Blame it on the money’ is D’Banj’s song, I actually did my own version after he did his own, just trying to test my own ability. But people are saying a lot of things out there, churchilians, enemies have been saying a lot of things saying D’banj jacked Durella’s song. It’s a big lie I’m telling you.”

He also went on to say, “Actually my brother is angry with me because I did the song without seeking his permission, but not withstanding, he is still my brother, we’re still family.”

Still if Durella is to be believed, all is not lost. Because “We’re still working together by Gods grace, we’re still family. I’m happy to be doing this interview to clear the air. ‘Blame it on the Money’ is D’Banj’s song”          Giztzzz…                          madetv!



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