broken hearted kanye

Kanye West isn’t having a great day.


The rapper is pleading with websites who have posted an unauthorized leak of his new music video for “Black Skinhead” to take down the clip. “Me and Nick [Knight] have been working on this video for five months and for creatives its heartbreaking when something like this happens,” Yeezy said on Twitter. “Any website that may have the unapproved/unfinished ruff, I ask you to please take it down.”

The Yeezus rapper has a few choice words for the person who released it in the first place: “to whoever leaked the video…F*** Y**!”

West promises that the final, official clip for “Black Skinhead” will be released within the next week. “Allow me and Nick to give the world what we’ve been losing sleep over,” he says. The leaked video, featuring a very buff CGI Kanye morphing into a demon, looks clearly unfinished. It’s the first clip off his much talked about new album, Yeezus.

The artist experienced a similar meltdown when his new album leaked days before its official release. The unauthorized sneak preview didn’t seem to do much damage to album sales: the Rick Rubin-produced disc topped the Billboard charts upon its release.

Though Yeezy is understandably upset over the leak, the reaction from the blogosphere seems to indicate there is no lack of interest in his new work…                   Giztzzz…               madetv!



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