About a week ago, the Aboki of Nigerian music – Ice Prince was on Twitter talking about how artistes are ungrateful to music labels that signed them and lots of other issues all surrounded by record label issues.


Well, now we all know what direction he was taking his concerns to. Very reliable sources have revealed that although Ice Prince didn’t directly call out Brymo’s name; the tweets were directly aimed at him.

Apparently, Ice Prince has bloated out what he thinks about former label mate Brymo’s departure from ‘Chocolate City’ record label.

Long story short, rapper Ice Prince indirectly called Brymo an outright liar and ingrate …the Aboki rapper express himself on Twitter, read his tweets below:


“Just read an article and so many things said wrong. God is watching,” Ice Prince tweeted.

“Dear artiste, your career is pretty much in your hand, do not blame any label or individual if you end up not being happy with how sh*t it goes.”

“If you’re an artiste and you don’t want label to make money off you. Then don’t sign. Don’t accept the car and flat. Do everything by yourself.”

“Most of the hustle to get your music where you want it to be is on you my brother!! Spend your time working and not criticizing other artistes”

“For someone to want to put their hard earned money into your career even when he/she Spends more than they make is enough to say Thank You.”    Giztzzz…   madetv!



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