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Has your s*xual regime reached a dead end? Feeling bored? Follow our seven step s*xual guide and feel your lost libido recharged …


1. Change your s*xual routine

Analyse your s*xual regimen. Is it highly predictable? Is it more of a race to reach an climax? If so then perhaps you are in the midst of a s*xual rut. So, get up and try breaking the s*xual norm by doing the opposite of what you normally do. If you’re having s*x in darkness, try it in the morning or in the afternoon. If you’re always getting down and dirty in the bedroom, enjoy a quickie on the kitchen counter or under the shower. If your man is always on top, surprise him by taking charge. Change your s*xual POA to inject freshness into your s*x life.

2. Show him the booty 
It’s not always a great idea to sashay around the house in sexy lingerie and killer heels if you want an instant arousal in your man. Why don’t you surprise him by doing the dusting totally unclad wearing a sexy G-string or indulge in some sexy shopping together. Men are turned on by what they see – so show him.

3. Make enough time 

While s*x is supposed to be spontaneous, unbridled passion, the pressure of jobs, children, and managing domestic chores leaves us with no time for s*x. Try to give him hints that you are looking forward to a romp. Send suggestive and naughty texts and emails throughout the day. Spontaneity is a great mood builder and the anticipation and build up of something planned can be lots of fun.

4. Look back… 
Remember the early days when you were in the first throes of lust when it was hard to keep your hands of each other? Most couples remember their initial years with affectionate nostalgia, so try and recreate those memories. Plan a nice dinner, reminisce about the first time you saw each other, what attracted you initially, and your first date. Recall the s*xual connection, the pet names, personal jokes. Put on some sensuous music and dance around your living room to the song you first danced to. Recreate the thrill of having s*x by doing it somewhere you might get caught! You share a rich history, so indulge in it a little – those that do are the couples that stay connected.

5. It’s good to talk 

Never sleep with anger within you. The unwritten rule of a great relationship is to really talk. Be open and honest. Talk about things you don’t like in each other, irritating habbits. But remember to discuss the positive traits too – communicate what’s important in your relationship; simply talking about why you love each other can help keep the passion alive.


6. Retain the mystery 
A little bit of mystery adds spark to your love life. Sometimes when you are living with each other for years, you get too comfortable with each other and tend to be yourself with your partner. So keep the mystery alive and add some spice to your relationship.

7. Indulge your senses 
Turn your bedroom into an er*tic boudoir by adding loads of silk, satin sheets and colours that make you feel sexy. Cook aphrodisiacal meals together with naughty ingredients that really s-excite the taste buds, or share a candlelit bath with fragrant bubbles and scented oils. Make the time to indulge your senses and you’ll soon your libido replenished…                          Giztzzz…                 madetv!



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