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A number of things could be to blame for a low s*x drive. It could be from health problems or even your own psyche. Here are 10 of the most common reasons for a lowered libido


1, Contraceptives:

Interestingly enough, the little pill that prevents pregnancy could also affect a woman’s desire to have s*x in the first place, Birth control pills affect libido because they cause production of s*x-binding hormone globulin proteins, which bind up extra s*x hormones — like testosterone — so that they’re not active, thereby dampening libido for some women

2, Weight Gain:

Weight, in and of itself, can biologically affect libido because fat cells change the balance of s*x hormones in our bodies, Weight gain also has a negative impact on a person’s emotional state and physical health leading to a loss of interest in s*x .

3, Fatigue And Lack Of Sleep:

Being tired affects everything from work to relationships — so of course, it can affect your s*x life, too. In addition, people who are chronically sleep deprived may have less interest in s*x

4, Childbirth

Sudden changes in hormones and being tired from taking care of a new baby can take a toll on libido. For example, a hormone produced during chest feeding, called prolactin drops libido. This is the body’s natural family planning tool.

5, s*xual Problems


Problems in bed are also a big mood-killer. For example, if a woman can’t have an climax because she is dry or it hurts to have s*x, then it could translate into low interest. Same for men who have erection problems or premature ejaculation, it can leave them feeling frustrated and embarrassed, which also affects libido.

6, Medications

Medications can have a negative effect on libido. That’s because some drugs raise a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which is inhibitory to the s*xual reflex. Painkillers and even illegal drugs like cocaine can also lower s*xual interest.

7, Major Life Events

Life changing occurrences, like having a child, or losing a job, can also affect s*xual desire. Financial problems can easily cause low s*xual interest.

8, Relationship Problems

Relationship problems can take a serious toll on s*xual desire. The No. 1 reason for low libido is relationship issues. A cheating or unfaithful partner can bruise the other person’s psychological health, which affects s*xual desire.

9, Chronic Pain

Even if you’re in the mood, chronic pain in the form of headaches, back pain etc. can be a big distraction. Chronic pain can really wear you down, so s*x is not a priority at all.

10, Leading An Unhealthy Lifestyle

People who are in good shape, both physically and mentally, tend to have greater s*x drives. These are non smokers,people who are reasonably fit and who are content with their bodies. Happier people have healthier libidos…        Giztzzz…                      madetv!



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