Sometimes in a relationship, one partner can become over possessive. Most of the time, they become like this due to insecurity and sometimes, bad experiences in their past. Here’s how to properly handle the situation if your partner is over possessive:


1. Reaffirm your love: Sometimes all a person needs to get over a possessive or jealous nature is reassurance that they’re loved. Taking the time to rekindle the love in your relationship will increase your overall happiness and peace of mind.

2.Be sensitive to their insecurities: Do your best to understand their condition. Don’t rub the situation in their face as this will trigger worse behaviors.

3.Don’t let them have their way: A possessive person wants you to himself/herself all the time. Do not give in to their demands and let them drag you down with them because you will not be helping the situation.


4.Don’t keep any secrets from your partner: Be open about your daily routines. In fact be like an open book to them. Let him/her know of your whereabouts as much as possible.

5.Encourage them to find other interests: A busy person has no time to be possessive. If a person has a fulfilling life with tasks and hobbies that make them happy, they’re less likely to be over possessive.

6.Leave if you have to: Sometimes, all your good intentions amount to nothing. An over possessive person might become abusive and paranoid. If your partner is not making any effort to improve, please leave…              Giztzzz…    madetv!



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