Somebody should tell Coolio that love triangles almost never end well. In the case of the braided up former rap star, involving another woman in his relationship led to jail time.


According to Made tv, Coolio was arrested on April 1 for abuse. He allegedly punched girlfriend Anabella Chatman in the face after pushing her to the ground. Chatman, who shares a son with the Los Angeles native, claims to have found Coolio in their house with another woman.

As if he hadn’t already done enough damage, the 49-year-old fled the scene with their son and his side chick in tow but not before delivering another blow to his child’s mother.

Police say that Coolio born Artis Ivey Jr. hit Chatman with his car leaving tire marks on her leg.

With all that evidence against him, Coolio told authorities that he was actually the victim, accusing Chatman of flying into a jealous rage and scratching him in the face. Cops weren’t interested in his version of events and hauled him off to jail.

This isn’t the first time that Coolio has been behind bars. He was arrested in Las Vegas last year, and put in the same facility as his son Artis.

Coolio hasn’t yet commented on his latest arrest…             Giztzzz…                    madetv!



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