blunt without makeup

Pregnant Kim Kardashian has been faced with weight gain and pregnancy fashion jibes recently, and it seems she’s had enough. The star was pictured distracting from her baby bump by going completely without make-up for a flight to LA.

Kim Kardashian touched down in LA after a whirlwind trip to Paris with boyfriend Kanye West, and unlike her usual flawless appearance, she wasn’t wearing a scrap of make-up.

The reality TV star’s baby bump was, however, visible in a black top. Her bra was also clearly visible, but we’ll let that one slide.

Kim and Kanye were spotted shopping for their unborn baby during their trip to Paris, and given the pair’s love of fashion, we reckon the new arrival will be the best dressed celeb sprog around.

But it was revealed earlier this week that Kim is reportedly terrified about giving birth.

A source close to Kim said: “She knows billions of women do it all around the world with no problems, but Kim can’t imagine herself going through labour and is terrified of the pain. She recognised that she needed help and has taken measures to calm her nerves.”

She’s gone to pretty drastic lengths to overcome her fear, turning to acupuncture to help the stress…          Giztzzz…                   madetv!



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