1. “My ex used to love it when I…” 
Talking about your prior séxual encounters is a deal breaker for a lot of of women. She doesn’t need to hear about it, and if you bring it up, she’ll feel threatened and jealous.

2. Another woman’s name 
Yes, she knows you have had intimate moments with other women, but every woman wants to think she is the only one. If you make this huge mistake, be extremely apologetic and be prepared to do whatever it takes to prove to her that she’s the most beautiful, intelligent and sexiest woman you have ever met.

3. “Shh! Can you be quiet?” 
Do you really want her to quiet down after she’s turned up the volume to let you know how good it feels or that you’re just totally blowing her mind?

4. “Who’s your daddy?”
When a woman is getting it on with you,  it’s a total turnoff to hear a creepy cliché that instantly makes her think of her dear old dad.

5. “We’d better hurry, I have to be out of here by 9:00.” 
Telling a woman that you’re in a rush and that you don’t have much time to work with is a major mood-killer. Furthermore, making a such a flippant comment followed by a mad scramble for your boxer shorts is sure to freak women out.   


6.  “Well, that was fun.” 
When a woman sleeps with you for the first time, she can’t help but wonder if she’s just another notch on your bedpost. Making deflating comments such as, “thank you,” or “that was fun” means that you just had a séxual transaction (a hookup) and not an emotional connection.

7.  “You’re almost as good as my last girlfriend.”
Every woman wants to think she is great in bed. Making a statement like this will blow her mind out of control and bring up certain questions, like, “Do you think about her while you are having séx with me?” and “Do you wish you were with her?”

8.  “Do you smell something funny?”
All girls have a distinct odor, and unless she has some sort of infection the smell is probably not a ‘bad’ smell. Women tend to be very self-conscious about their ‘smell’ and the only thing you will accomplish by telling her that she stinks is destroy her self esteem…                              Giztzzz…                      madetv!



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