chris and justin

Chris Brown continued the promotion of his newly released single, “Fine China,” stopping by U.S radio stations this morning where he discussed a bevy of topics, including Justin Bieber‘s headline-grabbing behavior.


In recent months, Bieber has been snapped smoking weed, threatening a photographer and recently had his pet monkey detained overseas for lack of proper paperwork. The headlines have been relentless in questioning cracks in the image of the previously squeaky-clean pop star, and if anyone understands what he’s going through, it’s Brown.

“I think with him, it’s a case of how I felt,” he said. “Being young, having limitless amounts of income, and then at the same time, you don’t have nobody that’s gon’ say ‘Aye bruh, you look wack right now.’ For me, I had people that said it, it got through eventually.”

Although he can relate to growing up in front of the public eye, the 23-year-old feels the blame that has been placed on Young Money rapper Lil Twist, for his alleged bad influence on Bieber, is unfair. “I feel like the mainstream media, they’re gonna target the little Black boys around him.”

Brown also spoke on fears of Rihanna cheating, staying away from (more) Twitter outbursts, and why he can’t ever walk away from Karraueche Tran. “At my lowest point she was there to really take care of me, I can’t never just be like ‘Get out of here,’ I would feel cheap to myself.”

Elsewhere in his promotional push, Breezy caught up with Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning, setting the record straight about his Drake diss, found on the remix to Young Jeezy’s “RIP.” On the record, Brown questions Drizzy’s sexuality, but doesn’t plan on getting a response. “You can’t take me serious, I’m not a rapper,” he said. “I know ain’t nothing gonna happen so I say whatever I want. Rebuttals is gonna be stupid, I’m not a rapper. So you’re gonna be stupid rapping back to a singer, but I’m keep coming n—–, I don’t care.”

Perhaps Drake agrees with Brown, since he has yet to so much as mention the lyrical jab!       Giztzzz…          madetv!                   




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