Banky W is now out to find a replacement for Wizkid as the strained relationship between the two has finally snapped.


Both had been trading words on social media as it concerns their crashed business relationship.

A video producer close to Banky told Made tv on Friday that the producer had made up his mind to find a young musician to replace Wizkid “just to teach the kid a lesson”.

Devastated by Wizkid’s refusal to renew management contract with Banky’s EME outfit, the America-returnee has begun scouting for someone that would create a bigger effect on the music scene than Wizkid just to make a point in the industry. “He wants people to know that he can make and unmake”.


As regards unmaking though, it remains to be seen if Banky can produce another Wizkid as the young chap has also formed his own record label, Star Boy, even before he parted ways with Banky.

At a recent event in Lagos where it was expected that the two would put to rest tales of their sour relationship, Wizkid, who surprised a lot of people by making an appearance at the album launch of Banky as a special guest with a lady, shocked many when he refused to say anything at the album launch. He also didn’t talk to any of his former record  label mates at EME.

After the album launch, Banky twitted “hello guys thanx 4 attending my album launch. Wizkid, I made u who u re 2day, although ur impact will b felt, but u re replaceable cuz am going 2 sign a better artiste dat will replace u”.

Wizkid responded by saying “??? can’t get a better artiste dat will replace me, u took my loyalty 4 stupidity and I need 2 move on with life”            Giztzzz…                   madetv!



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