Singer Kefee was married to Alec Godwin for three years, but things didn’t work out between them, and so they both moved on.


I came across one of Alec’s interview after they parted ways; “As she slept one night, I went through her inbox and the first message I saw was sent to her by a man called Uche. It reads, ‘How can you continue to stay with a man you say you don’t love?’ She replied with, ‘I have to take this step by step. We can’t rush this. I promise I will get out. I love you.’ I read a lot of things about babies in the text messages. It was obvious that she had told him we didn’t have a child. He kept telling her how he was going to give her twins from their first intercourse.”
But he insisted he never regretted marrying Kefee; “I can’t say I regret it. I believe it is just a lesson. It would only make me a better man,” Alex Goldwin revealed.

Kefee had no regrets too. She said it “only opened my eyes more to what life is all about; if you don’t go through challenges you never become a stronger person. That was a chapter in my life that was meant to make me stronger as a person. People go through challenges and that was my story and when we couldn’t carry on any longer, we had to part ways.”

But now, she’s got a man that makes her very happy, and she says she’s enjoying her marriage.


“My husband is a very nice man and I’m enjoying my marriage. I’m writing a book about that beautiful part of my life but I don’t want to reveal much about it for now. I am so happy and as far as I am concerned this is my first real marriage.” the gospel singer said.

She also told Made tv recently; “If I’m asked to do it again, I will choose him. He is amazing, he is indeed awesome. And I have no regret marrying him whatsoever. My husband indeed makes my life beautiful, hence the title of my new song Beautiful . Everything I sang in that track was about him. My husband is beautiful to me and makes me beautiful! So, if you are in a marriage and you are not feeling beautiful by your husband; then you are sitting on a wrong thing!”

I guess there’s much to be expected in her upcoming book as she’s always been quick to refer to it when asked about her past, especially her failed marriage.

“I cannot tell you all that now,” she replied when asked about her regrets, adding “But I promise you, you will read such things in my upcoming book. I am writing a book about my life and I’m sure, you will find out what I have regretted doing in life.”            Giztzzz…                   madetv!



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